Is my GWI correct?

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    I was hired July 24th of 2017, right before this new contract. I just reached my first year and was told I would of received at least a 50 cent GWI. I looked on my paychecks and only received 30 cents from 10.20/hr to 10.50/hr. The 30 cents was earned as 15 cents each 6 months. Talked to my union rep and he said yeah, that didn't sound right, but didn't do anything about it because he was firm that this contract was gonna pass and we were gonna get $13/hr. My problem is, what if the contract doesn't pass, and we end up negotiating for another 2-3 months. I'd be losing out on earned income, and even if it is only an extra 20 cents, I'd take it. I was wanting to ask anyone here if that is the correct GWI for last contract for first year seniority, and if I should need to go down to (or call) my local union office. Union office is somewhat of a drive.
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    First, why haven't you looked this up yourself? You need to know your way around the contract that essentially dictates your lifestyle. Do your own research on wage numbers.

    Now, if your supervisors are in any way reasonable people, start there. Have them put in an inquiry about your pay. If they're not, or it doesn't go anywhere, hit up the union again and PUSH THE ISSUE.
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    2-3 months or 2-3 years, you will get your increase in a retro check when A contract is settled on.
    You are not getting screwed, ............. yet.

    Do yourself a favor and keep all your paycheck stubs.
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    Yes, in current contract, you are getting paid correctly. The reason people thought you'd get 50¢, was because, according to contract, you should only be making $10/HR, instead you're making the federal minimum wage for a govt contractor. When the new contract goes through, you will get bump up to $13, or whatever that wage will be(according to contract passed) retroactively to Aug 1.
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    Smartest thing you can do. Make sure you keep every check since August 1st. Just remember that the first check for August will have a couple days from July so you won't get retro pay for all of it. I record all my hours each day from Aug 1st to make it easier to calculate my retro pay.
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    It happens when the contract progression is from 10$ to 10.50$ but minimum wage is set over 10$.

    Your still operating under the old contract until the new one goes through and you will be at 13$ and payed retroactively.
  7. So as a PT employee who started on 8/28 as of my last check I am making 11.00 per hour. Will I be raised to 13.00 with the GWI or is the GWI excluded?
  8. You can also view all of your checks online.
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