Is PAS the Union buster?

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  1. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    I got to thinking, UPS is losing millions with pas and surely someone at the top is aware of it by now. Perhaps this is their key to getting rid of the union. Next contract (thank god I'll be gone) may be the end. A strike could be gotten around with pas. It may be extremely poor service for the first while, but I think they could get it done. Any comments?
  2. 25yrvet

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    I've wondered that also, but our center pas/Mr.EDD system is so screwed up they (currently) need us alot more than we need them--I'm also within a couple years of retiring. Could you imagine the lack of service & quality nationwide if such a thing happened. I wouldn't put it PASt them though.
  3. Fnix

    Fnix Active Member

    Asked my center manager yesterday what he thought of PAS and he said he likes it, said before PAS it was a nightmare.
  4. freeloader

    freeloader geek

    UPS invested heavily in the development of PAS and it simplified quite a few things but I don't think it would provide much leverage in the event of a union strike. They would have to hire thousands of people to fill the shoes of those that are on strike. It's tough enough for seasoned veterans to complete the job on a daily basis, how would an army of rookies perform? It would be like watching an episode of the 3 Stooges (multiplied by 100,000).
  5. Heck its like that now.
  6. local804

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    Actually , from a management standpoint, Id be a little more worried than a union employee/
  7. cino321

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    They keep postponing PAS in my building, doesn't seem like they'd be all the ready for it, needless to say a strike
  8. barnyard

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    They won't implement PAS in our building. There is not enough room for the computers and there is not enough room on the property to add on to the building.

    T B
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    PAS is an effort by UPS to ensure that, if there is another work stoppage, that replacement workers would be able to step in, pick up a DIAD, follow EDD, and they wouldn't even notice we were gone. Of course, as we all know, PAS/EDD is hard enough for an experienced driver to follow, let alone someone off of the street. I wouldn't be too concerned at this point but I would take seriously the sales lead PCMs, especially those regarding DHL, as we cannot become complacent in regards to volume and job security.
  10. local804

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    Your building is in my district and we had it for about 4 years now(makes alot of sense)
    With PAS it eliminates alot of the supervisors chores and just makes them 80k missload drivers. hence PAS preload assistance system?
  11. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    I agree with that 100%.

  12. Griff

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    I think that was the concept behind it, simplify the job to cut the learning curve drastically. Unfortunately, as with a lot of things at UPS, it looked great on paper and doesn't fair as well in the real world. UPS would be able to replace us, but there is no way they would get the same productivity out of the scabs. I jump around on different routes a lot (no bid) and every single one is totally screwed the board, if you ran 90%+ trace you'd be out for 12hrs everyday. To start moving the kind of volume that the Teamster employees move, it would take many months and by then UPS will have lost a fortune. The people who need to be worried is frontline management, they are dinosaurs just waiting to go extinct.
  13. pretzel_man

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    PAS has never been conceived as a "union buster". I've attended a lot of PAS presentations and reviews and this has NEVER been mentioned.

    While PAS has not resulted in the benefits originally envisioned, PAS centers are not losing money (on average). As a whole, service, cost, and visibility elements are improved in those centers.

    This is what is curious about PAS. All the PAS centers have the exact same program. They are supported by the exact same corporate people, and have training materials.

    Some are doing well, and some pooly. Look at the responses on this board. Some say PAS is a "nightmare" and others say its a great tool.

    I think it all comes down to the local management.

  14. Hangingon

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    Wow, they have training manuals? Our on car sup who is the one handling the system now is learning it by trial and error, and not doing a very good job of it. He has no idea how to specify that certain stops are to be loaded on the floor and his add cuts are breathtaking in their inefficiency.
    He is now training a PT sup to take over and he was telling us that the FT basically just told him to do his best and play around with it until it does what he wants.
  15. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    People on both ends hesitate to fix the problems. Driver sets his route up perfect and he can be replaced. Supe gets all routes set up perfectly and he is no longer needed. There's job security that comes with the chaos.
  16. wizard

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    Okay I am sorry for this question im just one of those fat ups cartage drivers but what is PAS????
  17. scratch

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    PAS is a system that UPS uses to sort and load packages in the Package Center. When a box is unloaded off an inbound load, the tracking number is scanned and a special label (PAL) is applied. The PAL label tells the Sorters which conveyor belt it goes on, and it tells the Preloader which route and section of the Package Car to load it on. The EDD System is a way for our Dispatch Sup to even out our workloads and it give us a stop by stop list of how our Routes are to be effectively run. Unfortunately, these systems often have a few problems with them.
  18. B4real1

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    My problem with it is I don't believe they had to redo every route in the center...I had a great route,nice routine and then BAM....all goes to hell...would've been great if they just left the routes alone and kept the EDD
  19. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Truer words were never spoken.
  20. paidslave

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    For the record, how many drivers here have been on the right street in front of the right address but the Diad is beeping red that you are not in the right location?

    This has happened very frequent. To say the most is that this system does work. However it is not perfect and there are gliches that can raise red flags unfairly by UPS management!

    Teamsters we need to stick together folks. I have not to much faith with new UPS'ers when it comes to UNIONS!

    These newhires seem like a scabs trying to steal our jobs! Puck em....

    Watch your back and cover your butt! Someone is out to get your job!

    It is very unfortunate that UPS Management is trying to use the competition method of new hires!

    I say have a layoff of bottom 10percenters soon!

    Sorry get into accidents, you make veteran excellent employees look like crappy on paper....You work through your lunch without pay, start early without pay, get injured off the clock and give crap service that is distroying this company....Not to mention you fail to take your paid bread and don't even know how to enter it in the diad! U punch out before you finish your assignment. U don't know your contract...I feel like I am south of the border. The list goes on.....You have management turning a blind eye on all their claims and accidents!

    I know alot of rookies that follow the methods and contract but lately it seems most rookies are more interested in butt kissing management than anything!
    Good grief........:angry: These are the same people that will cross a picket line!! :funny:

    Heck with em! Steal there UNION dues and let them burn out!!!!!