Is TDU behind them?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by upsset, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Look at the campaign flyers for Members First, United Action, and Integrity slates. They are very similar, right out of the TDU handbook for running for local office.
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    TDU never has anything positive to say. Why is that????
  3. Becuse they are a bunch of left wing nut balls! and they want to devide the union so they can get their foot in the door!................Wouldnt be suprised if Brown was donating to their cause..........just facts to back it up!...........i maybe crazy but I dont think im too wrong!
  4. you aint even know it

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    Nothing wrong with a little division - it helps us see both sides, which helps rid naivete.
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    Many of us feel that this contract is doing the dividing. It seems like a lot of the membership is thinking of themselves only and not what's best for the whole.
    That's where the division is, I believe. TDU wouldn't be a factor in anything or have issues to take up if we had leadership and members that think of what's best for the WHOLE ( including part time workers who are getting the shaft if this passes) and not just of their own issues. The folks in other regions that voted yes for the National Mstr should never have a say in other regions healthcare if they weren't going to receive it too. It's becoming a "me first" union from the top down....The International Step-Brotherhood of Teamsters. Didn't used to be that way. We're better than that.
  6. as long as we keep voting the same garbage in office. This is what we are going to get........................................nothing but screwed !
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    This union has been divided since 1991. 50/50 in almost every election. But then again when only 25% of members vote, I guess there is no split:75% agree on not voting!! Once that famous name is no longer on the slate, then we will see a real fight for the soul of this union.
    ​By the way ups HAS contributed in the past...but to the old guard forces of Hoffa!!
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    Quote of the contract season!
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    I personally believe that regardless of whether Hoffa is on the theoretical ballot or not, if someone that is quality would step up, a lot of the votes that Hoffa received in the last election would go to that person. Sometimes in elections, it's a best of the bad situation.
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    There is not a doubt in my mind. They use the same crack pot TDU "lawyer" that drives a beater and asks for gas money in addition to whatever the cost is involved.
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    UPS management in RI said they hope the TDUers get in. They will take every termination to arbitration. That is scary.
  12. Another effort to bankrupt the union. They know the union doesnt want to spend all that money on arbitration cases!
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    TDU really sucks
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    I would, too, if the most experienced guy on the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing slate had a few years as a steward before getting the boot. Hell, their slate's e-board only has one person who has ever won a steward election. I'm a firm believer in rank-and-file power.. but that rank-and-file power has to at least have some experience somewhere, somehow.

    The company can afford to take every case to arbitration but Local 251 (according to the LM-2's) cannot.

    Same deal with 623 in Philly but at least they have one or two guys running that have 10+ years in as stewards.

    Although a lot of the upstart local campaigns are centered around opposition to the contract, I'm noticing a common campaign theme of increased contract enforcement by requiring the BA's to routinely visit/police the UPS barns in their jurisdiction. If you're relying on the BA to police the contract (ie. personally stopping supervisors from working rather than rank-and-file members enforcing the language) around the clock, you've got bigger problems than Art. 3, Sec 7 violations.
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    Don't look now but I think this Piedmont guy gets it...
  16. 251

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    And why do you think it is that Local 251 is totally broke? Because of.....wait for it....CRAPPY LEADERSHIP. So your logic is, lets keep the guys that have failed the membership and bankrupted the local because the other guys have great Ideas but no experience. The ST that bankrupted the union has TONS of experience and ZERO education. Think that has something to do with it? Politics aside, would you rather have a guy with a business management degree or a high school dropout running your local. I refer you to my signature.
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    The guy with a BA is better off being a manager at UPS. What if that guy with the BA, failed as a driver? A dude with a BUSINESS MANAGEMENT degree doesn't sound special for a Labor Union. I want the guy that has connections with arbitrators. I want the guy that can guarantee my job.
  18. Inthegame

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    Reminds me of the guy trying to convince me he was qualified to run the local because he had a degree (in theology). He went on to say he deserved the job because he spent so much time in school.
    I voted for the guy that spent his time defending and representing, and learned unionism at meetings and on the floor. He won, and the local is doing just fine.
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    I think the difference for me is this: "Wanted! Someone that actually cares." I'd rather have a new steward that will read the book and aggressively apply it, even tho they are a little green at it, and CARES what happens to members than a Business Agent that knows all the rules and angles but refuses to truly support the members to appease the Labor Manager.
    We have the latter part now and he frustrates the good steward with his allegiance to the Labor Manager. Another "good ol boys club" at our expense. The "green" steward will get up to speed. The crooked BA will ALWAYS be frustrating as long as he is the BA.
  20. 251

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    You are completely missing the point. It is MUCH easier to BS a guy that has no idea how business works than it is to BS a guy who fully understands how business work. Ever hear the phrase "Know your enemy"? Well, apply it here. Again, I refer you to my signature.