IS your Hub/Center being taken over?

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    What's up with all of these Management females who have a significant other other then a male? They are being promoted left and right. From District Managers, Operations Managers, IE, Etc. I am all about equality, but as a Shareholder I need to make sure the right individual is performing that job. Far too much UPS wants to satisfy a number or statistic instead of making sure the company is being run corretly. Some of those women are good, but 75% of them are just floating by.
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    Ive often wondered the same thing, and I think I have the answer...................
    promoting a person with a significant other that is the same sex, IN MOST instances, eliminates the need to worry about this person needing time off to go to their childrens functions, needing a day off when the children are sick, and are usually quite mobile, ie not having a family to move, and saves money in the area of health care, as up to this point and probably not much longer, they only have to pay for a single person and not a family. And for the most part the desired haircut will be there. (the butch look) They will more than likely be willing to give their life to UPS, as they only have an "other" to report to and not a family. And the "other" will usually have their own career that they are pouring themselves in to. From my brief history at UPS that seems to be the way it has worked. Just another reverse discrimination.
  3. Although I agree woman are being promoted to make sure UPS meets its numbers and some could not manage a kindergarden. UPS has alot of males that were just pushed along and promoted because they could scream like a drill sargent in the Army and bully and intimidate people into doing things. Or its the good old boy club. There are a hundreds of managers and upper managers that have no managerial thoughts and are sloths. But if you play golf, hang out with the corect crowd your in. Good thing for the IE manuals and methods or these managers would have no clue how to run a business. They probably were the first ones to install GPS in their cars to get home.
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    A persons life style means nothing to me, however many of the women and men in such a relationship are adopting children or being inseminated(the women) to have children. Thus that theory is not necessarily true.
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    Who knows for sure why the company is promoting gays into higher management levels. AND WHO CARES.

    The company has the right to promotes whomever they choose. If it's for some twisted logic, so be it.

    It behoves the company to promote the best and brightest to the upper management levels, for it is these folks that will lead the company into the future.

    I for one whould hope that the reason for these promotions is that they are considered to be qualified for the positions and that thier sexual preferance is just that, Thier Preferance.
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    The decision whether or not to promote someone should be based strictly on qualification and past work record. Seniority should be used as a tie breaker (unfortunately seniority is all that matters in a union job in the hourly ranks). Anything else, ESPECIALLY race, should not be used. Affirmative Action is a cancer of the workforce. As far as an employee having a same sex marriage goes...I don't care as long as they got their job because they were qualified and NOT because they were a minority. And as long as they perform the job like they are supposed to.
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    You forgot to mention the men in management with significant other other than female.
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    UPS79 , I said "IN MOST instances, eliminates the need to worry about this person needing time off to go to their childrens functions" therefore not a theory, but a statement.
    Big arrow up, I totally agree
    Happy Bob It behoves the company to promote the best and brightest to the upper management levels, for it is these folks that will lead the company into the future. Yes it does.
    truth always hurts, you said it all.
    upser87, we have those too, but didnt mention it because the thread was about women.
    Everyone has valid points and all points were made without any vile comments.
    it should be based on the credentials, the ability to supervise and lead people, a proven record, and nothing else.
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    hey look at it this way. If all they are doing is looking for a sperm doner then you could get a second job. trouble is most of them are uglier than a mud fence.
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    I hate what ups has become.I have no problem with gays,I just have a big one with the upper management that get huge money doing absolutely nothing.If Jim Kelly was still around ups would be more profitable.He saw the truth about promotion as a method to move the company and the employees in a positive motion forward.It used to be that you could not get into mngmt till you did a year on the road as a driver.Now mindless boneheads are allowed to spread out in all directions to attain thier goals.
    Creating more problems than there were to start with.They dont see that ups is a lot more than running a computer company,or a paper cutting plant.Its sad that we as hourlies seem to be the only ones holding up our end of the old honesty and integrity initiative.I hate it.All they want is to be big shots and they`ve forgotten what made ups~UPS.
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    No leadership or communication from top brass.

    No communication or leadership from top brass.
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    "What's up with all of these Management females who have a significant other other then a male?"

    I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna be PC like the rest of you....

    These........people..... come into our company acting like normal people during the interview process. Sometime AFTER they are hired, they let it be known that they are gay. THEN we are stuck with them. Heaven forbid we try to get rid of them for their lackluster performance. If we try, we get the "equal oppurtunity" card thrown in our face. Can't get rid of them because they'd sue us saying it's because their gay.

    I see it every day in my own center. Nothing management can do simply because an employee is gay. Makes me ill.
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    Normal people, huh! what exactly is normal?
    all the lesbian sup's and center managers at my bldg, couldnt hide it if they tried..Then again, they arent ashamed of what their lifestyle is..
  14. over9five

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    "...they arent ashamed of what their lifestyle is.."

    I know. Sad world we live in.
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    We don't have any of these "ladies" around here, I'm surprised that there seems to be so many of them everywhere else. The only Gay person we have at work is a male driver, he was once on one of these "court TV" shows after he got in a tiff with his boyfriend.:bored:
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    I just knew someone would spice up this thread. (>9.5) and turn it into a heated discussion, by presenting how you feel and the facts..............Here it comes............
  17. Jones

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    Dude, I'm starting to wonder about you. What the heck did a gay person ever do to you to make you so bitter? I have to deal with less than competent people every day at work, and the overwhelming majority of them are straight. Well, at least as far as I know, or care. Honestly I've got more important things to worry about than the sexual orientation of people at UPS. I would hope that's the case with most of us. Hating people because they are different than you is a time consuming proposition, and in the end it won't get you anything but an ulcer. Let it go.
  18. Joopster

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  19. over9five

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    It's not hate. It's disgust.

    I don't care one way or the other what people do in their own home. But when they take their depraved lifestyle public, and use it to gain an advantage in the workplace, THATS when I do care.

    Keep it in the closet. Don't ask, don't tell. Why in the world would you want to advertise your mental disorder?

    As I said before, it's a sad world we live in.
  20. dannyboy

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    Its coming to the point where, while not approved by many, the time is not far away when adults will be able to have sex with children.

    Think about it. It was not that long ago that bestiality was against the law, homo-sex as well. Now, not only is it no longer wrong, it is celebrated and in many cases rewarded by companies throughout the country. Its not enough that they enjoy their perversion, they expect us to uphold them as normal, and can sue or have us arrested if we object to their lifestyle?

    As 9.5 stated, I dont parade my sexual orientation around, why do they feel the need to? Its like they want approval and when they dont get it, then there is something wrong with me? I dont think so.

    It says a lot about our country when we feel like we need to define marriage.