Its a good idea to always know the height of your vehicle...

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  1. brett636

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    As this poor RV owner found out...

    Breaks The Bank With His New Dodge Ram And Camper
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    Wrong address, gets you to Ronald Reagan
  3. brett636

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    Are you playing the video in my post or in my signature? The video in my sig leads to one involving a speech by Ronald Reagan, but the video in my post is the one I am referring to.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Either way, I assume the driver is with Ronald Reagan?
  5. brownIEman

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    Sure looks that way dosen't it? Anyone know the background on this, did he survive?
  6. Big Babooba

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    Look carefully and you'll see that the he clipped the canopy with the corner of the trailer. The canopy only caught the side of the truck. It opened up the side of the truck like a can opener. It didn't come down on its roof. Miraculously, nobody was hurt.

    Can you say Bondo?

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    Yep saw it on Jay Leno the night it happened. This guy was lucky he or someone else didn't get hurt.
  8. soberups

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    Back in the day, we had a guy try to go thru a drive-thru in his P-6. He thought he could make it under, but the ground was uneven, he got halfway in and got solidly wedged in. Rather than tear the fiberglass roof all to hell trying to back out, he just let enough air out of the tires to lower it an couple of inches and allow him to drive all the way thru without rubbing.
  9. 25yrvet

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    There's a mgr in my state that used to be a driver in my ctr. In 3 days time during the peak season of 1981 he ruined the roofs of 2 P600's trying to go through the same gate that he used to zoom through in a P5.

    Needless to say, he spent a couple years in I.E. after that.:wink2:
  10. Lou Dog OG

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    One (if not the first) of my first days out on my own as a Saturday air driver, I wasn't paying attention to the overhead because I was running out of time looking for a stop. Instead of going out of another exit that was the same height I made a left to get out a quicker way and the ceiling caught me. There was a lady working at a nearby restaurant that was watching me but no one else.

    I went through really slow and the fiberglass was making all kinds of noise as it scraped the cement. I made it out without an visible damage :) lucky me

    Now I pay a whole lot of attention to overheads
  11. diesel96

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    13 feet 6' inches........I'm pretty sure with up-to-date strict Bldg codes like in Fla for hurricanes or Ca for earthquakes that structure would not have came toppling down like match sticks when bumped.....Always remember your vehicle hieght and trailer length or you might end up on you tube as well.
  12. mattwtrs

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    Sounds like he was playing dumb like a fox. Back then I.E. did not scew things up as bad as they have done recently!