It's All Over The Contract Is A Go!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by brazenbrown, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Congratulations UPSer's you have a new 5 year contact!!:happy2:
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    Thanks, Tony Looking at your avitar sums up our situation. The brown seal (UPS hourlys) evading the Great white (white collars of UPS)

    We are quicker and smarter but management has alot more size, power, and sharper teeth.

    I hope this contract works for both sides amd is sybiotic.

    Time will tell
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    Not really a go yet.

    If UPS can not settle the supplements out east before Jan and they have to pull the CS pension "improvements" of the table like they threatened/ This whole thing might be for not.

    I have a feeling even if this can't be settled before Jan 1 that everything besides those few supplements will stand pat.
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    Wishful thinking perhaps. National contract appears to be a done deal. Every contract has some supplements that get voted down. This one is no different. And maybe 804 being Careys home base might not have helped. Don't know. But the national is done.
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    The national is done. It can not go into effect until all supplements are settled. Unless the Teamsters make exception to their constitution.
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    UPS Teamsters rejected three supplemental agreements in the East, putting the ratification of the UPS national contract on hold.

    Teamsters in the Central Pennsylvania Supplement, the Western Pennsylvania Supplement and the New York Area Local 804 Supplement voted No and sent these agreements back for further improvements.

    A fourth supplement, the Northern California supplement was also nearly rejected.

    Overall the national agreement is headed toward approval by 65 percent. However, under the Teamster Constitution the national contract cannot be ratified until all of the supplements have been approved.

    Union negotiators need to return to the bargaining table to negotiate improvements.

    Local 804 Teamsters voted by an overwhelming 3 to 1 margin against the national contract and their supplement, which would have put an end to 25 & Out pension benefits for new Teamsters among other givebacks.

    There are still a few kinks to be ironed out, then it will be a go....
    What tones would you like changed on a posting board? Everyones point of view that does not agree with yours concidered a tone?
    Get over it
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    All points of view are welcome!:wink2:

    It was the exceptional level of hostility and agression coming from the Vote No posts that turned me off! Don't get me wrong there has also been some great informative discussions as well.

    After peak the contract will not be an issue any longer and all those who came in here with their agendas, attempting to take down this site and convince others to vote NO rather than just vote will leave.

    Good luck with your supplement!
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    Whatever. There were just as many if not more a-holes pushing a "yes" vote on this site.
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    That's not true and thanks for proving my point oh classless one!:sick:
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    Actually, it is true. You were one of the many. Go along to get along, isn't that your mantra?

    What are you, a catholic priest? He abbreviated a word that most people use probably everyday. Class has nothing to do with it, stop fooling yourself. You really think you're something, don't you? You're as soft as they come, cupcake.
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    it was an unprovoked response. As is your comment to brown.
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    I see it as being provoked. I've had this problem with Brazen before. For some reason he thinks that concerned UPS workers coming to a site dedicated to talking about UPS to give their opinions on the contract is some kind of agenda. UPS, the Teamsters, even TDU all have had "agendas" during the voting period. People who come to an internet forum to talk about the contract are people on an internet forum talking about the contract. It's not some conspiracy.
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    Can i ask you if local 705 and 710 get a better contract will this upset you? Are you aware that the national has reopened the national contract after local 705 negioated better at least 3 times over the years. In 705 we have been campaigning against this contract since the offer was put out to the members on the national level, which will make it much easier to vote down the same offer or negioate a much better contract. Just dont hate us when we hold out to get what we deserve and dont hate us when we receive what you should have received if you had stood together. I understand alot of people voted yes because it benefited you (current upsers) but it sold out the future upser to come, and in 705 this will not happen!
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    It sure seems like the vote was pushed thru awful fast. Almost like it wasn't meant to be studied or analyzed. No more 8 hour days- only 2 hours pay instead. No improvement for excessive over 9.5 dispatch. I don't believe 705 or 710 will will so easily agree to give up so many of the rights we have fought for and earned over the last several contracts. Balancing work and family should be just as importent for the company as the employees. It wasn't reflected in the national agreement. Sentiment is overwhelmingly against much in the national contract and I suspect wouldn't fly here in North Illinois. I'm glad we weren't forced to vote on something we barely had time to read. But now that we have read it, it's easy to see that much more needs to be addressed. 804 sure seems to be enlightened and vigilent in their assessment of the situation. It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and she ain't singin yet.:wink2:
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    With the Teamster pushing it and telling members to vote yes, did you expect different?
    There are alot of perks our local has that we are not willing to give up, even if the CS dont want them.
    804 as a union, is ,has ,and will always be a dominant force(like the Yankees)

    Just out of curiosity,
    Does any of your locals get paid an extra 25 clicks if you cats work 8.5 hours?
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    Oh no you didn't!
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    Yes the contract is over. Im happy it passed but Im a little disappointed the teamsters did't go all out for there members.
    The pension could have been improved greatly. ( Better spousel plan)
    ( no COLA , inflation will eat up your monthly check) ( 25 and out at any age should have been 2500) (25 and 57 should equal 3000) ( 30 and out 3500) and yes it could be worse but we have made this company very wealthy. To adopt what we won in 97 does not cut it in my opion.
    With part time starting wages being the same since I started in 81
    I cant believe this is healthy. It will be hard to attract better employees
    a revolving door will be norm.
    9.5 lanuage doesn't appear to be any different.
    Im not sure about the maniditory lunch hour. Who really wants to take a full Hour? I wana go home!
    Also back to the pension. Its scares the heck out of being shoved back into cs at age 65. That cant be a positive!
    Anyway your right the union has negiotiated . The members have spoken and we have to accept this and carry on.
    Happy New Year and may the Bronco's win the Superbowl! :funny:
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    .....but one has to wonder where the attorneys for the union side were when some of this tentative language was being formulated.
    The elimination of "past practice" language will, I believe, prove devastating for the hourly union worker. I admire the local unions in the chicago area that seem to have the male genitalia to call a "wildcat" when the company continues to violate language that has been grieved and won by the union.
    Sub-contracting feeder work is a concern. A since retired manager told us that, at some point, the whole operation will be part-time. Think about it.....send a PT driver out on a route for 5 hours and then have his PT replacement drive out and finish the other 5 hours. Sub contract the feeder work to a third party who just came back from Mexico with a bus load of "truckdrivers" and there you have it.
    Feeder drivers with three years or less seniority can be laid off if their load(s) are put on the rail? Where did that come from and why? Only the company knows and they darn sure aren't gonna tell us. I can tell you the company is looking several years down the road and the changes this recently "ratified" language will bring will be subtle and catch everyone by surprise.
    Who cares?.....not the company.