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    Today was the last day of my marriage to Melissa. We ended up going to mediation for 2 hours, at a cost of $250 each, but reached a very amicable agreement, part of which has us sharing time with our children 50/50, which was what was most important to me. Though this process dragged on since February, it was over about 2 hours after our agreement, at mediation, including the judge's final say. And now, all I have to say is, it's over! Not where I planned to be, at this point in life, but at least I still have my girls and good health. There will be no celebration, just a moment of silence, followed by life, re-engaging. Moving on!
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    One day at a time. Enjoy what life has in store for you!
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    Steve, I am glad that you guys were able to work out an amicable agreement.

    Check with your union--you may be able to be reimbursed for the legal fees that you paid.
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    Steve, I just hope you and the girls are happy. :happy2:

    We have had people in our center use the legal benny for divorces.

    I wonder how many divorces drivers averaged before we went public compared to after? I bet that is a number UPS wouldn't like published.
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    Steve, sorry to hear about the divorce. I know it's not what you wanted, but hang in there, you will weather this. I am glad you and Melissa have made the best of a bad situation. In time, it may be a better relationship between you two. My grandparents were better friends after they seperated than when they were together, again, in time. You can still be a united front with the girls, they are coming into the age that they still need that.Wishing you much happiness in your future.
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    Good luck to you, Steve. It certainly is not what all of us plan but sometimes it has to be.
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    Doing as you have to remain as civil as possible goes a long way in the eyes of your girls. Keep giving it your best to be a good example for them.
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    I would like to say not to believe the title of this thread. It had nothing to do with me!
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    Its always all about you isn't it? :happy-very:
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    "Me me me"


    "Me too"
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    Incredibly, no legal fees paid, as I had no lawyer, and she paid for her own lawyer. I actually am giving her more support than the guidelines would ever suggest, because I don't want to bankrupt her. We're on a week on, week off, schedule. We live 3 miles from each other, so this works really well. She actually is the one picking the girls up from school, and meeting me, when I get off of work. Something she WANTED to do, and had put in the divorce decree. This means that I don't have to run my butt off, if I don't want to, one day. She will get 1/2 my stock, but no 401k or pension, and that's pretty much the gist.

    We decided that we love our girls too much, to let silly stuff get in the way. It's all about them, as all good parents should know.