Jarrett Leaving RYR for Toyota and Waltrip Racing

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wkmac, May 9, 2006.

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  3. dannyboy

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    Do you really think that driving a toyota will improve Dale that much?

    Lets see how it plays out. UPS and Toyota. HHMMMMM

  4. Hangingon

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    Actually he was in the top 10 in points until recently.
  5. over9five

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    Big time has been.
  6. mattwtrs

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    If you all remember when Dodge came back to NASCAR they got Bill Elliot to drive for them. He got them off to a good start and the past champion status would help Toyota too. The only thing that may stand in DJ's way would be his loyality to his Ford dealerships. I know he had at least 1 dealership in North Carolina, does he still?? I'm too tired to look it up!
  7. upsdude

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    Better to be a Has Been than a Never Been. LOL

    dannyb..... It's not for sure UPS will follow Dale to Toyota. I read another article saying UPS will be waiting to see who Robert Yates finds to fill the seat. UPS could use this to gear up for the 08 contract. I can see it now, TV commercials showing a retired UPS driver (Jarrett) living in a cardboard box. His Teamster pension fund was defunct so he only gets $125.00 a month. The new UPS #88 driver goes to find him for racing advice.
  8. retired2000

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    when i watch nascar every week i sit and wonder not if dale is going to win but, when is he going to crash. it would be nice to get a driver that has a chance to finish first.:confused:1
  9. wkmac

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    Actually Wily, your comments are not the type I was referring too. So far, the monkeys are staying in the trees and keeping quiet to which I'm really surprised. Also disappointed.
  10. Dutch Dawg

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    DJ goes with Waltrip to Toyota,:thumbup1: now if UPS and Yates would only part company. When you think about it DJ was kinda the ideal poster child for Brown. As he was old, stoic, methodical, kinda just plodding along. Almost but not quite able to gain position....

    For every opinion there can always be found a dissenting opinion.
  11. scratch

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    Dale Jarrett and Bill Elliott possibly driving Toyotas in a NASCAR race? These two guys have a great fan base but I think their glory days are over. Too bad they didn't finally try to drive a Chevrolet......
  12. wkmac

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    Report is Micheal Waltrip will introduce Dale Jarrett as his teammate for 2007' at 12:30 pm on Saturday on Speed Channel. No word on what UPS will do. Make me real happy and name Tony Stewart as the new UPS driver.

    I know! I know! Bar's closed for me the rest of the night.
  13. pasfailure

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    Heard the rumor yesterday that Ward Burton will drive the 88 for Yates next year. Another has-been.
  14. montecarlo12

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    maybe UPS will go after Leffler :ohmy:
  15. over9five

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    I think we need Jimmie Johnson.
  16. wkmac

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    Johnson just signed a contract ext. with Hendrick so he's going nowhere and neither is Lowe's. Besides of any driver on the circuit give me Tony Stewart. He may very well be the best pure talent driver in auto racing today as he can wheel anything he sits down in.

    Word is UPS is sticking with RYR and looking towards a young driver and that DJ will be backed by Burger King who will sponsor Bill Elliot in a Michael Waltrip Racing Cup ride at several races later this season. Rumor has it that MWR had some chevy rides built that have Toyota V-8's under the hood with NASCAR's blessing. Whether true or not we'll find out when Awesome Bill hits the track later this year.

    I figure Toyota will play nice for a couple of years and then take over the series like it did the IRL so that it becomes a "one make"series. Toyota hung around until Honda came in and beat them so they picked up their marbles and came runing to NASCAR. Now IRL is a Honda series for all practical purposes. Word is Honda is next to come to NASCAR. I guess the old adage that what wins on Sunday sells on Monday still holds true.

    To be honest, other than the roof and A,B and C Pillar as it relates to angle, the cars are really hybrids of what's on the car lot so they really aren't stock cars like they were from the early 80's on back.

    Ever seen a 800 hp V-8 Civic?:lol: