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    I highly doubt these cuts are coming to small package or LTL operations which if anything, are short staffed. If any trims, it would be to the newly acquired companies which is standard; UPS should adjust those companies (which are likely not as efficent as UPS) to their operation. UPS SCS is highly bloated and fragmented, and as a soon-to-be shareholder, I am pleased that they're trimming the fat off that operation.
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    Information Shared at the UPS Investor Conference

    {text deleted by moderator in response to a complaint that the text was copied from an internal UPS memo that was not released to the public and/or not from a public source.}
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    You got it right. There have been some meetings in the Districts outlining some of the changes, but I have not heard specifics. Small package UPS will be affected.
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    Starting Jan. 1st ALL drivers will be required to run at least TWO routes. No exceptions!!!!!!:w00t:
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    NO WAY!!
    I already dont get off till after 9:00 almost every night! That would be 24/7!
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    Typical UPS. It comes out in the press first, then they send out a vague memo with "talking points," all the while the company just swirls with rumors. Of course they are trimming jobs. They need to save up money so they can pay even more to the union members in the next negotiation. I mean, why wouldnt a high school graduate be unhappy only making $27.00 an hour. Lets make it $30! Unbelievable.
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    30 dollars an hour??? I hope we can do better than that....
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    [evil]"Supply Chain had first-and third-quarter losses, and profit for the first nine months of 2006 tumbled to $3 million from $113 million a year earlier."[/evil]

    Am I reading this right???

    Profits at UPS-SCS dropped by $110 million in just one year? If that is the case, why hasn't UPS dropped SCS like a bad habit already?
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    I would want at least as much as somebody that calls himself "audi" makes. That is unless all I did all day was push a pencil. Oh my wrist hurts - I've had to lift a pencil ALL day!
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    Sounds like somebody is JEALOUS!!!!
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    Probaly got a paper cut pushing all them pencils and papers. Most drivers have degrees, just dont want to be a do nothing, pushing lead and paper all day telling someone how to do something better, when they do not have a clue. If this person is one of those idiots at the top, talking about us lowly drivers like we are barely employable, lets see how long he lasts. Idiot!
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    It sure as hell wont be in drivers. We cant deliver with what we have now.
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    Less Chiefs and more indians...:cool:
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    Where did you read that about small package? I didn't read about this. I'm not worried really, our centre is ridiculously short staffed and we're continiously landing bigger and bigger accounts.


    Profits went down, not revenue. They still turned a profit. Why would you drop a profitable business unit? Rather than being a socialist and abandoning ship, they're trimming the fat. Also remember that SCS made some huge expansions (their massive campus in Mississagua comes to mind, the 3rd largest UPS facility worldwide) As a shareholder, I back the executive team 100%. Rather than focus on just getting boxes from A-B, UPS is being innovative and coming up with creative solutions that adapt to this changing global economy. But SCS is still kinda sketchy at this point, but I have my confidence in it.

    The labour groups in the Soviet Union tried that with their factories after the Bolshevik revolution, and, uh, yeah....
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    Sorry tooner... but i bet you make more than i do by sitting on your ass filing grievences when your big mean manager actually touches a package. Waahh... union steward! As for whoever said "most drivers have degrees", if by that you mean they got a corespondence degree so they could get parolled from prison and get a job at UPS, i guess you got me. As for the name Audi, sorry ill be more like a driver and change it to "My new Ford Super Duty Diesel, boat, 4,000 s/f house 2006" that work better for you? I want to fit it.
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    What a presumptuous ass!
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    Tooner is the resident pity-pot crybaby. Fact is that most drivers today - particularly in urban areas - are lucky to have a high school diploma.

    No big degree holders in the hired-help ranks, IOW.

    They have big problems coming. Just watch and see.
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    Actually trick.... I was just stirring the pot. Didnt really mean much of that, just wanted to shake things up and see what kind of response i could generate. The majority of the drivers ive met and worked with are great hard working men and women. Of course that isnt an absolute, as nothing is. Drivers deserve every penny they make, as they bust there asses all day long. By the way, the audi i drive, cost 27k. Not all that impressive of a purchase.
    I do however ahte the way UPS announces these sorts of things then lets everybody worry, come up with stories and have to listen to unsubstantiated rumors for two months before they know what is going on. Merry Christmas Everybody! Go give em hell for Peak!
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  20. Living proof that SCS is cutting back. Myself and eight others on my team will be laid off soon or offered jobs that are good for one or two of us, a slap in the face for some and others who are just in insulted by the offer. Hello severance package and good bye! I guess I had grand illusions that after 5 years and 20 more years to go, I would retire from this company. Now I spend my days polishing up my resume because our senior management thought former pre-load sorter's from the 80's and drivers from the 90's who had made their way up through the ranks could run a division that deals with ocean freight, air freight and customs brokerage on a scale larger than a 12x8x10.5 inch box or a next day air envelope. I should have seen it coming with the time studies 3 years ago. "It should take you only five minutes to perform your job with only 257 variables to deal with." Take your process flow and wipe with it. What a joke. Wishful thinking for 5 years and being a loyal, company line toting, soldier has given me nothing but partially vested RSU's and a bigger bill to the Coor's Brewing Company. I feel sorry for all of the people I talked into believing in the company. It will probably turn around in the end, but a lot of talented people have been set free within the market. These people like me, are probaly in the stick it up their "A" and break it off mode right about now. Dtermined people make things happen. I hope for your sake (those of you who are left) are determined. Let go of your pride old timer's, let people who know the business, run the business and you will prosper.