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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by aspenleaf, Jul 17, 2006.

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    I passed the NCLEX-PN! I checked my unofficial results today. So I am now a LPN (licensed practical nurse). Of course my drivers said they would hog tie me if I left; which brought to mind the picture of me trying to pass meds with two UPS drivers running down the hall to kidnap me. Thankfully there are nursing jobs that will still let me keep my preloading job! So does anyone know if UPS makes scrubs???? :thumbup1:
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    They might make you scrub out the trucks.

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    Good job, Aspenleaf. Congrats !!

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  5. dannyboy

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    Well let me add mine too. Whether it is at UPS or in other endeavors away from UPS, it is always a great thing when one of ours succeeds in a goal.

    LPN is a first step to other things. As focused and dedicated as you seem to be, the sky is the limit.

    Best to you!

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    Thanks Dannyboy! I am currently looking for a part-time LPN job so that I can stay at UPS (while I finish up my nursing program). After all UPS is paying for my schooling and I really like the work. Once I am done with school and can become an RN I will see what schedule I get at a hospital. I plan to be with UPS for at least another year. No matter what I choose I will be a UPS customer for life!

    I must say that working at UPS has actually helped in my clincals; I have no issues in transfering patients or lifting things. I use the methods I learned at UPS and I am very safe. One of my class mates pulled her back when we were doing a two person lift. The workout at UPS seems to be better than the one my friend thinks she is getting at the gym. :wink:
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    I suppose it will too much to ask for a discount when i need some hospital treatment?
    I take my hat of to anyone who are willing to work and study in order to improve themselves.

    Hope to see you drop by here from time to time.

    All the best
    Ade :thumbup:
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    Thank you! If I become a NP I would give you UPS workers a discount. So save this coupon!

    I am not leaving UPS just yet. . .I have one more year of school. UPS will pay with no strings. The hospitals will make me sign a 2 year contract or I have to pay back the money. From what I saw in my clincals the workers were not happy. I don't want to be tied down to one place until I know what they are like.
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    Just a thought.....Check and see if your medical education can be used by your current employer, never can tell what might be open that your education might be a good fit for.

    As for working at UPS and being a LPN and studying to be an RN, good luck. That will be some of the toughest time in your life. What little bit of time you can call your own will be spent mostly sleeping. Been there, done that. Worked 11:30PM to 9AM at UPS, had two other part time jobs, and a full time schedule at the college. The only time I slept was driving back and forth to school I think.

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    Dannyboy, I know I can't do all of that! I only want a very part-time LPN job such as one of the PRN ones. If it comes down to choosing between nursing and UPS then nursing would win. If by some chance I can do all this by the time I graduate I would leave UPS to just be an RN. Who knows what will happen just a year ago I was sitting a cube taking phone calls hating my job. My first year of school, while working at ups, was good and I think that having this job helped. It kept me on track. You were much busier than me with two part-time jobs and your ups job and school. It is amazing what we will put ourselves through to reach our goals.
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    Where is she now.......???
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    I think aspenleaf has joined a group.

    Aspen leaves on rail fence post-P9260311-.jpg
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    Found on the web, or one of your own?
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    ​One I took while teaching a workshop in the Tetons.
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    Isn't that the question that haunts most men.......................?
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    ​Ask Diadlover.........
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    Lol.....omg Scratch, wasn't gonna go there!!