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    I just went to my interview for the package handler position (the interviewer told me i'll be an unloader/loader) and after the interview was done she said she forwards the application to a manager and they will call me next week to come take a tour of the building and see how the work is, and I'll start work the monday after the tour. She said I'll start at 8.50 and a .50 raise after 90 working days. Everyone thats working as a package handler says its great exercise, which I need because I'm too lazy to go to a gym haha. Can't wait to start. I chose the 5-10PM shift. Do you guys know if i get a choice if i want to load or unload, which is easier btw? Thanks
  2. with loading you gotta scan packages plus you gotta do so many an hour unloading is easy but you gotta face towards the wall the whole time becasue some times the load isnt loaded properly but both are great jobs and yes you'll lose weight.
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    if you load do you have to scan and load one by one or do you load them by carts? also what happens if you dont load how many your supposed to load an hour?
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    there are people who scan the pkgs either before or after they are split to their belts depending on the ctr ,and usually you will have a set number of trucks to load IE: 5 basic goal is to get them loaded before drivers start time (which usally never happens):confused:1 all trucks are done by load charts and sequence numbers
  5. both are great jobs? you get paid about $30 after taxes to unload a couple tractor trailers in four hours. If someone offered me $30 to unload one trailer in four hours, I would laugh at him.
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    do you guys know how long it usually takes for me to recieve a call after my first interview to go to the orientation?