Keep running my dock, or go to Revenue Recovery?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by cach123, May 12, 2012.

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    Been with UPS for 7 months. Currently a dock supervisor on the day sort, been doing it for 3 months. My numbers are good, everyone tells me I am doing very well, especially since I kind of had to train myself when I get on the dock. It's a stressful job, I don't have all that many smooth days due to a variety of things.

    Interviewed for, and was offered a revenue recovery supervisor job at a different (much smaller) facility, during the twilight sort. Facility is a little further away, in downtown Chicago. Because it is a smaller place, I am concerned that I may take this job and find out there is little to no room to advance further in the company to a specialist or full time supervisor.

    If I stay, my manager tells me he thinks it wouldn't be too difficult for him to get me into revenue recovery at my facility within 3-5 months, but there is no guarantee. If I leave, I will likely only get my 27.5 hours (been averaging about 33-35 hours).

    I have a degree in finance and accounting (graduated in 09 with that stellar job market) and really don't wanna wake up in 12-18 months and still be supervising the same dock.

    Any thoughts?
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    Are you talking Jeff street, Bedford,Franklin Park,etc. Basically look at it the same way we would look at it as a driver. The larger the building the larger the number of employees, jobs, and opportunity. You're at the biggest building we have in our division. Why go somewhere smaller especially one that might get closed down the line?
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    Yea, it's at Jeff Street.

    That's what my manager told me too. I'm just really not a fan of my job. I think I am going to see if he will let me become a Tactical Supervisor in the near future if I can't get into revenue recovery here.
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    Dude, Jeff St. is only 'small' in the sense that it is smaller than CACH. All of the Chicago area buildings are HUGE, with lots of activity. Make a decision based on your commuting costs, or what your long-term goals are, but not on the size of the building.

    With an F&A degree, your options are limited, due to the consolidation and outsourcing of basic accounting and billing functions. A 'real' F&A job only exists in 2 or 3 places: Atlanta, Louisville, MAYBE the region offices. You should have a talk with a KNOWLEDGEABLE HR rep on how to get an F&A job. I doubt there are any entry-level jobs in Chicago, although MAYBE at the Region office. (forget which suburb it's in...)
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    Thank you. To be honest, I didn't know that.
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    There will be several ft positions in your districts finance office. Our district has 2 managers, 4 ft sups, and about 6 or 7 specialists.

    Im sure it varies between districts, but as those positions open up, they will be filled by qualified pt rev rec sups. It would be extremely unlikely our finance dept would ever promote a pt ops sup over one of our own rev rec sups.

    Having said that, the rev recover job will be extremely boring compared to operations.
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    Jeff st is a good sized building but it's a dinosaur too. The others aren't as large as you think for a metropolitan area like Chicago and the burbs. The big thing is many of the operations have been boiled down and consolidated and a lot ends up at the CACH.
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    With a degree in finance and accounting I would take the position. The Illinois district finance team is based out of Jefferson Street, you will have a chance to move up quickly. Its going to be less action packed than running a dock but if you want to stay at UPS and keep moving up, this is probably a good move for you to make.