Ketter audit?

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    What is the Ketter (sp?) audit? I heard a center in the next district (Metro DC) not only failed it but got the lowest score ever recieved on one. Is this the one where they ask come around and ask you safety questions?
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    A Ketter audit involves a little more than asking people safety questions. Depending on the size of your center/hub, it could take a week to complete. They are mainly interested in how thorough the paperwork is...everything from CSA's, S&V's, Injury/Accident Reports (RIPP/RAPP), and tons of other things. Physical inspections and interviews are part of it too. There's no way I could list everything they look at. It doesn't take much to fail either.
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    It's my understanding that the Ketter audit sort of OSHA-proofs the facility. Their thoroughness can save the company lots of money in fines. dw
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    I think Ketter is a third party company hired by UPS to do audits.
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    We always get a text message they are in the building and give us answers to the questions they are asking so THEY will look good !!
  6. dannyboy

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    The way it was explained to me is this.

    OSHA had come down very hard on UPS for tons of violations in the past, with millions of dollars in fines on the line. UPS agreed to allow a third party to monitor its facilities and do the audits, and in return, OSHA would consider reducing or eliminating the fines.

    So ketter, who is an out side third party was hired to come in and inspect the UPS centers on a rotating schedule. Their goal is to assist in keeping UPS with in the compliance of OSHA regulations in regards to their employees. They also assist in making recomendations to UPS on how to stay in compliance.

    Usually they call the regional office at 9AM to let them know where they will be on that day. They usually arrive at 12-1PM and the audit begins.

    They also do a rigorous inspection of the facility to ensure that all safety equipment is in good working order, that the hazmat responders have the proper gear and have the proper training, that nothing is in front of fire extinguisher stations or eye wash stations, that there are no containers in the building that are not properly labeled as to the contents (this is one of the biggest failures in ketter audits nation wide), no extension cords in use, etc etc etc. In our center, with the aid of several staff and usually a full time CHSP hourly, the audit takes 2-3 days. And while the question and answer section is important, it plays a small part in the over all score.

    Kinda like two stops that take a long time affecting your over all day with 120 stops.

    Bottom line is this. While some posters have suggested that this is only done to make UPS or its sups look good, it is actually with the employee safety in mind. And before all this intervention, UPS had carte blanche to do what ever when ever it wanted. And in many cases, it was at the health expense of the hourly employee.

    So, if you know the answers, give them the right answer.

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    If you want to have a real audit and see how safe UPS does things don't announce where your audit will be. Just show up. Then they can see all the packages piled up on the belt at 8:15. And that the preloaders stack the packages to clean the box line out. And how they trip over them trying to get everything loaded by 8:30. When all they had to do is start people earlier so they can keep the boxline clean. Or stop reving people to the slide for 2 hours a day.
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    The way not to fail is not to be around for audit. When I would get the diad message about these audits I'd called my wife and we'd go out to dinner at the local Dennys or whatever and usually these auditors would be long gone by the time I got in. If they were still floating around I'd park outside bldg let carwasher know about it and walk past these people with a grimace like I had a real bad day and they wouldn't even bother me at all. Worked several times. Only glitch is explaining the 2 hours over allowed to mgr next day but if your not a slacker normally they let it slide.
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    So rather than answering the stupid (but easy) questions, you'd risk your job by taking an unauthorized break???

    Did you mention that to your wife at dinner?

    C'mon, Dave, it's not rocket science!
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    hehehe, LOL

    First he puts me down for trying to get the drivers to actually learn the stuff, when all he wants to do is get them(UPS) to be able to show the paper work to Ketter.

    Then he comes back to post this. Rather steal two hours from the employer than to answer 10 silly little questions that, by his own words, if you fail, the company will pay you to learn them.

    And he claims who is a crock?

    LOL how funny, an idiot AND a thief.

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    Daniel it strikes me funny that you actually belive anyone would learn anything from you at work, and I didnt think taking a long break is a crime when you bust your hump 99% of the year. Now if you continue to use insults like stupid and idiot that only shows how much I've exposed you as a complete self promoter and when someone calls you out on something you try to mend the difference and become a sycophant. Your the only thief I see, with all that you say your involved in and part of at UPS plus the amount of time you spend posting all day it would beg the question how do you earn your pay? Your probably some clerk with access to a computer burning up company time with your dream of having once made a delivery. I will always refute your views blowhard.
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    You mean you dont bust your hump the other 1% of the time? And lemme see, you didn't think that taking a long break was a crime? Its called stealing. Seen it too many times and none of the drivers ever got to come back.
    So what did you tell him, traffic was a bear? Or did you tell him you were stealing company time? I have seen drivers that did without lunch for years running 1-2 hours under take your "long break" and they got the door. But then again, you did post this:

    So I guess its alright to steal if you only make 8.50 an hour, but Dave, you are in feeders, right? You make 25 bucks an hour. So why are you stealing?

    But then again you forget your lament of UPS going under?

    Now, whose greatness are you interested in, yours, or UPS's. Greatness starts with little things, like NOT STEALING:thumbup1:

    Now, one bit of advice. Dont go bragging about stealing time in public. There are ways for big brown to hold you accountable.

    d PS, in front of a panel the words theif, idiot and stupid would have been used in reference to you. So like it or not, they fit.
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    I was not bragging that's everything you 're about you jerk that and killing threads so if those names fit me then what do you consider yourself? Right? A self promoter with too much time to kill. You've always played by the book right? Never a minute not in pursuit of company performance right? Dont threaten me with exposing my identity here you schmuck I dont hide behind the Union like you gasbag I bet you don't even work here anymore, you egotistic meddlesome fool. Go ahead I'll be reading your response after my shift seeing as you dont have one you old coot.
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    Whatever you say there Dannyboy.. :yawn: