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    I have noticed a trend in our center to exception scan packages as closed. Now I dont mean just a few a day or just every once and awile, I mean a lot. It started with the misloads if they could not get you to deliver them or sheet them closed or not in they would send someone to come get them and get this not to deliver them but to take back to the center so they could exception scan them as closed. Well that went on for awile now they scan every thing left in building as well as misloads comerical and residential as closed. I have tracked and logged all my misloads and this is what they do with them. Now to today which prompts this post they scaned 564 packages comercial and residential as you guessed it closed. Customers are calling in asking whats up and are being lied to. Was told by a supervisor that they are being told to do this from higher up. I guess what I would like to know is if this is going on every where an just how high up the pole this goes . Does Atlanta know and condone this?
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    I dont believe they actually tell each center to do this.
    Each center has production standards that ARE projected from higher up.
    If Every pkg is scanned,it does not matter to them whether they were delivered or not.They see numbers and thats all that matters to them.
    So each center that gets more volume than they can actually deliver does this to not get fired and hope to hell they can make service on the stops they have.
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    You are right its all about making the numbers be what they want them to be but what ever happend to customer service. How long can something like this go on before people start going somewhere else to get their stuff shipped.
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    Our center will shuttle out every last package left in building to the drivers.During peak, i would leave the building completly full with absolutly no room left in a P1000 and by 1400, they would bring me 200 more stops expecting me to deliver them... Every night i would bring the 200 back and this process was repeated the last 7 days of peak ! Point is , Manager didn't care about getting 200 missed a day ! As long as it left the building it was off his own back !
  5. In our district, they canned every package car center manager in one of our hubs (4 centers), and their boss for a non-service related numbers manipulation scheme. And several years ago they canned an entire centers management team for similar offense. They would never get away with that here, would be canned for integrity reasons and falsify delivery records.
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    we enter them all as no such number, get to em tomorrow
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    Integrity is a lost element in the public corporate eye. We are being convoluted into denial. This will be our (UPS's) downfall if we don't change course soon.
    Ultimately, we could be swallowed up by disbelief (denial) of our own faults. This is not so unreal an reality considering the recent current events of coprorate amearica.
    We need to "wake up and smell the roses". Unfortunately, like "roses", the "smell" has been bred out to make them more appealing to "look" at. Are we doing the same?
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    UPS has always been wrapped up their own little world because for a while,they were the only kid on the block. Perhaps it's too late for them to "wake up and smell the roses".
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    I hope it is other drivers that shuttle the packages out to you not the sups?
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    falsifying exception scans is an integrity issue and service destroyer. Blow the whistle on it.
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    Thank you Tie!

    And for those that dont know, Tie is management. And while we disagree on items, he is brutally honest.

    So blow the whistle on the dishonest practice of sheeting missed as something else.

    And if you are a driver, dont do it, even when instructed. That is a dishonest act, and in front of a panel hearing, who do you think they will believe? Sheet missed as missed.

  12. over9five

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    I agree. The original poster should make an anonymous call to the ethics hotline. This will be really easy for them to check out. Heads will (should) roll.
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    Tie -Thank you for being honest! I agree that this shouldn't happen but we all know that it does.

    Someone from my building was asked to sheet an EAM as closed by management - he called the hotline and so did the company that was OPEN but sheeted as closed. Supervisor was canned for doing what had always been done, hourly will never live it down (management wants him gone). Be careful when making your making your call. Know that someone will know that it was you.

    Exception scans are way out of hand. Everyone is trying to make the #'s or winn #1 in the district, they all know how to fudge the # to make themselves look good.
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    Looks like this is one subject a lot of us agree on. I'm in mgmt also, and I can't stand it when people cheat the system. I know there's a lot of pressure on people to make the number look good. I know for myself I used to be a hub outbound supv, back in the days of manual misload reports. My 2 of my 3 "Partners", called up continually to their buddys on the receiving end and had their misloads deleted. I only had about 5% deleted that truly were charged erroneously to me and my people. At the beginning of the week, prior to the deletions, my people were usually either first or second. By the end of the week, with everyone else getting their misloads deleted, I usually came in 3rd or 4th and was reprimanded for having poor numbers. Sweet justice finally prevails (although it took way too long). The manager who told me that got fired a while ago for falsifying numbers. Woohoo.
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    I have never heard of an ethics hotline where could I find it listed at? Why would management knowingly do this to themselves and our customers when it only hurts UPS in the long run. I was told by my shop steward to not worry about it and let them sheet them however they want just do my job and let it go. I cant it really bothers me. I dont want to have to tell on people to get something like this fixed but somethings got to give. Drivers are talking and its bringing morale down not to forget that it is just plain WRONG,if it where a driver doing this you can bet they would have something to say about it (your fired)! Need advice!
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    "Not Ready 1" is the lie used in our building. Over dispatched Drivers are told to record “after 5:00” business attempts as “Not Ready 1”.

    This would be such a simple fix. The company can generate all kinds of reports, print out a “Not Ready” report and have LP follow up on it. Give us a “Weekday Closed” option in the DIAD. Here’s a better idea, everyone tells the truth for a week and then Eskew can see just how up against the wall we ALL are. Management included.
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    That is the way it is here
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    Our building had 156 computers come in from a major computer account. (Hey Cheryl,no names mentioned! :-))
    The center manager never put them on a vehicle to go out for delivery on the day when they arrived in the building.No one had room to carry them due to runs being cut.
    A part time supe was instructed to scan all packages as "exception-known closed".
    I went above the boss's head and nothing was done about it. No one cares in this area any more!
  19. tieguy

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    not all of us fudge the numbers. Those that do make it tougher to operate for those that don't.

    The large computer shipment may have been a real known closed. Its difficult to hide something like that. The consignee is probably tracking that shipment and would be screaming if it was not delivered on time. My guess that one was legit.
  20. socom71

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    It is begining to look like this is not just happening in my center. The 564 packages I talked about in my first post included NDA,2nd day, business and residental stops. They told us to leave the building while preloaders were still on the sort table trying to get it down the belts. In the past they would have let us leave finished the sort and shuttled it out to us not any more all packages get exceptioned scaned closed. Could tell you of many more times this has been done. Keep the info coming!