Lack of Media Coverage

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Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone else was curious as to the lack of media coverage relating to this clusterf%•,# of knowing what the hell is the outcome of contract . Being ratified does mean that if they do decide to go back to table that we as members have no say as to these new changes /concessions that will be negotiated,that I do know. But there has been little media coverage on this . I wonder why Corporate giants with deep pockets can even shhhhhhhhh the media and news.


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Happens to teachers all the time.
On that topic lol

Illinois is trying so hard to fix their pensions and people are flipping out the gravy train is stopping. Used to teachers got a 12% raise their last 2 years so their pension payout was equal to what they made 2 years prior. Basically no cut in retirement pay. They also get a 3% raise every year in their pensions.

About 6 years ago they capped raises at 6%. So you had to give 4 years notice that you were retiring to get the raises for a "full" pension.

They just passed a law now that raises are capped at 3%. Teachers are livid. Do I agree with the cap? No but they put themselves in this position by abusing the system.


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