Laptops at work?


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I was curious. I just got a new laptop with a wireless card. I know places like Starbucks have Wi-fi available and there are many Starbucks in my work area. My question is, are there any drivers that take their laptop to work and on your lunch hour grab a coffee and surf the 'net. I'm thinking about taking my laptop to work next week but I wanted to know if there were drivers that already do this? Does security give you a hard time and make you "sign off" that you have a laptop. Thanks in advance for your replies.


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I would think your lunch hour is yours and I would not sign anything. Ask your steward, nothing in contract that says you cant take it.
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Check with you Security dept. Usually drivers are allowed to carry their cell phones and get a permanent sticker or pass. I would let them know you have a need to use it, just like your cell phone.
I did read an article about WI-FI and security issues. I also have a laptop with wireless card, it's the best, but I haven't used it in a cafe.
a.) make sure that the laptop does NOT use Bluetooth; if the laptop gets turned on and begins to broadcast cause nasty problems with the wireless network - same goes for Bluetooth enabled phone and earpieces.

b.) check with security ; you'll most likely have to fill out a form with the serial number/ make and model of the laptop so that they know that you didn't open a box and help yourself.


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I wouldnt keep the thing in the truck all day long. As you know itll beat the crap outta it bouncing around and stuff. Nothing I really want my 1300 dollar laptop to go through.