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    putting out my first thread here and i just want to say if you are a feeder driver, take your lunch while you wait for an outbound trailer to get wrapped up. my unloaders are hungery for trailers to get there on time and i know you guys love to just hang out at the hub and chew the fat but you gotta get these preload/hub loads there as soon as possible. and dispatchers, use your head... enough said on that one. either that or get new dispatchers.
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    ummmmm :s
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    My experience with feeder drivers is that they pretty much do what they want within the legal definition of the job. And you don't want to piss them off. Our preload management team has seen feeders pull up at 8 a.m. when drivers start at 8:30 because someone on preload has irritated them. And the feeder drivers are doing it legitimately. They are taking all their breaks that they are legally entitled to despite it interfering with their arrival time at the centers.

    Just my two cents - don't piss off feeders. Right or wrong, they are at the top of the food chain.
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    Are you saying they are bigger over-paid cry babies than package drivers are?
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    I am saying that in my years of experience at UPS, feeder drivers all appear to have a supreme air of confidence about themselves and their job. Most of the package drivers I know are not cry babies, though the few that are make their presence known and are pains in the arse to all who come into contact with them. JMHO.
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    just take the traffic off the road and the weather clear and dry then maybe it will help a lil but with all the pretrip of tractor and trailers and the loads going down on time is a big factor we are like delivery drivers we are on a schedule to but with an 80,000 pound rig i rather be a lil late then squash somebody on the road.... im a new feeder driver but as of this moment im in delivery because not enough work but also to its the same way at your bulding too i guess i need to tell your drivers to take there lunch while waiting for the loads to go down or yall get new dispatchers its just a vicious circle we all blame the next in line

    by the way welcome to bc
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    You move from a hub to a center. We have alot more variables within our day.
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    Nice that you are basically putting that label on yourself. If driving bores you so much and you are overpaid, why don't you move onto something else that challenges your vast intelligence and superior work ethic?
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    he is like the overweight kid at the pool he likes to jump into the deep and make waves lol
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    try punctuation occasionally at least, thx.
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    My thoughts exactly--we can work on the capitalization and grammar later.
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    First off, welcome to the Brown Cafe.
    Second off, knock off the supervisor talk.
    Third off, the contract states that lunch is to be taken at comfortable place with amenities provided.

    Are you familiar with feeder pull times? I am. Have been feeder driver for 27 of my 30 yrs here. I've done everything, been everywhere and just about seen everything here. Sound arrogant?(sp?). Maybe.

    The company regulates these unreasonable pull times, then expects YOU, the load supe, to wrap it up BEFORE the pull time! Do you? You THINK the pull time means when you actually close the door. Feeders thinks the pull time is when you leave the gate. You close the door to the back trailer first and think your job is done. The drivers front trailer may be on the other side of the building and still open. Now what? Wait for that door to be closed (after his/her official lunch period is over), then hook that up and pull over to hook up his/her doubles/triples then perform a proper and complete pre-trip. Now, they are already late.

    What if someone like you demands the driver DOES take his/her lunch while waiting? OK, I'm late getting there because of weather, breakdown or other problems, you keep pushing me during ideal conditions, then I can legally demand to keep up the same amount of routine you insisted on at other times. Which means what? I take my whole meal there even if it means your load is late getting out.

    What if you happen to be early finishing the sort (not likely to happen except on Good Friday when there ain't no volume)? You: "You can leave now! You're done!!!" Me: "No I can't, you say I hafta take my lunch while waiting, can't leave".

    You want me to go on? I got a million scenarios. I've been through all of em.

    My suggestion...back off and make sure YOUR job gets done. The feeder driver will see that and make an effort to accomodate you.
  13. cachsux

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    Heck of a way to piss off a large group of people on your first post. First I hope you at least wear a tie because your out of line if you don`t. Second I eat lunch when I`m told to by feeder mgnt within my contracted time period. If that means I already ate lunch or won`t be taking lunch for some time and I get to stand around waiting on you to finish your work while making $28.85 doing it,oh well. I`ve told people who have had complaints before that any thing you disagree with take up with your mgnt team,they can contact my mgnt team,and if I`m doing anything wrong they can correct it. Trust me,if I`m standing around I`m quite sure my butt is covered.
    Now if you got time to tell me what to do I guess that means your work is done and done correctly. I am real good at finding your mistakes and making you correct them. I hope you checked the FHWA on your tlr when it hit the wall because it would be a shame to have to rerun it. Is that liquid coming out of your tlr? Hope it`s not hazardous,that would sure slow down your load. You did pull a hazmat for every pkg,two if its going to a rail yard,right? All the paperwork correct,legible,correct destination on any trip tickets? Tlr correctly sealed? I hate having to see you guys climb up to put a top seal on when you forgot,you could fall and hurt your little selves. If I like you,when I find a problem,I`ll take it to you so you can correct it and it stays between you and me. If I don`t like you,like now, I`ll take any problems around to my side of the building and let the hub manager work on fixing them,I hope that won`t put the trailer past it`s cutoff time and bring too much crap rolling back down on you. can take care of your business and I`ll take care of mine.