quad decade guy

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We have drivers are lucky they're getting one day a week right now
Been happening in feeders for years here. MOF, many gave up and went back to pkg....

Years to get seniority......

When we started training and hiring hundreds of feeder drivers here.....I wondered what they were going to do....we've been steadily losing volume to Fed-Ex and Amazon...temporarily boosted by covid.


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You retired at age 43?

Highschool at 18....25 at UPS so 43?

Or 25-30 at UPS and 10-15 somewhere else equalling 40? Meaning we worked the same amount....

You seem to have led and extraordinary life.....on a truck drivers wage.
Most didn’t start at 18 and I was a young driver at 23 but yeah I’ll be gone before 50.


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We’ve got layoffs here too, it’s only gonna get worse. I agree that our lost volume was somewhat hidden in the tall grass of Covid, but with those waters receding it’s all becoming clearer.

First round of layoffs hit a week where a newly booked driver brought in his customary donuts, only to be told you’ve been laid off. Felt bad for him but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Sad thing is that even with layoffs we’re still handing out 15-20 RTO’s a day.