Lenexa Feeder driver killed in accident

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by STLFeeder, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. STLFeeder

    STLFeeder Need LS7 powered PKG car

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  2. dave_socal

    dave_socal PACKAGE/FEEDER

    That's a sobering picture. It happened in the early afternoon on what looks like a clear day. Not that it matters but it seems like driver error on the black sedan's part. I start my shift in 2 hours and I will pass along the link. Thanks STLfeeder. Thoughts and prayers to both sets of families.
  3. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    This is so sad. Accidents happen so fast, people lose their life in a split second. It strikes home to me so hard, the Feeder Driver had thirty five years in, old enough to retire, and didn't because somebody didn't stop at a stop sign. May God bless Mr. Hamlett and his family, and the lady in the passenger seat of the car.
  4. wannabeups

    wannabeups Member

    He was one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet personally or professionally
  5. retired2000

    retired2000 Active Member

    sad thing. my prayers go out to both families. just another reason i retired after 30 years.
  6. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    The company will probably find some chickens**t reason why this was the feeder drivers fault.
  7. sendagain

    sendagain Member

    Looks like the guy pulled out in front of our truck. Maybe he forgot to look both ways, or another case of someone distracted.
  8. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    I understand that.
    But the feeder driver should have read his mind (sarcasm intended).
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Oh of course. We already know that the accident was "avoidable" and that the feeder driver should get 100% of the blame. That is, of course, based on UPS's standards. I was talking to a customer about traffic getting bad around town yesterday and that most of the people on the road were bad drivers. She asked me what would happen if one of them hit me while I was driving. She was shocked when I told her the implications involved. When I told her UPS policy on accidents she said "What a bunch of #%&@ Heads!" She couldnt believe that UPS would punish it's drivers for the faults of others. She said the only way to COMPLETELY avoid accidents is to never go to work. I laughed and agreed. When a UPS driver is killed because of someone else being careless all this crap should be thrown out the window. I don't know what affect it would have on life insurance, law suits, etc. but I agree with trickpony1 that UPS will point all their fingers at the feeder driver.
  10. brett636

    brett636 Well-Known Member

    I was in the feeder locker room yesterday and noticed a memo posted about that driver. The memo appeared to put blame on the sedan driver and not the feeder driver. Although I suppose what management puts out in writing and what they actually do can be two different things.
  11. ups_vette

    ups_vette New Member

    trickster.... Have you no shame? One your brothers has paid the ultimate price and you use this tradgedy to bash the management of UPS. For once can't you just express your sorror for the driver and his family? Why is it you always have a negitive comment about UPS. I truly feel sorry for you. You are a bitter person with no compassion for anyone other than yourself. Dosen't it get tiring being negitive all the time? Life is short, as demmonstrated by the topic of this thread, and negitivity only gets negitivity in return.
  12. I got to agree with UPS_vette, no call for bashing UPS. Please lets all think of the families and of one of our own. About 20 years ago we had a package driver killed from one of our centers. I can remember the feeling in the building the night we were comming in and were told. God bless and help his family.
  13. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Gee, I wonder why Trick feels that way?

    Could it be because UPS has demonstrated time and time again that they will blame the driver for accidents NO MATTER WHO WAS AT FAULT????

    I am sure that if the space shuttle were to fall out of orbit and hit my package car, I would be at fault.

    If terrorists blew up a building on my route, and debris hit my package car, I would be at fault.

    If someone commited suicide by ramming their car into my parked (and unoccupied) package car, I would be at fault.

    It is the UPS way. (But hand in a sales lead....)
  14. wannabeups

    wannabeups Member

    I think I heard them saying that beer cans was found in car and were waiting on toxicology report
  15. Backlasher

    Backlasher Stronger, Faster, Browner

    It will be in with next years safety training driver program.
    "well this could of been avoided if the driver had used all
    5 seeing habits".

    Rule #1: Aim high in steering. "find a safe path well ahead"

    Rule #2: Get the big picture. "Stay back and see it all"
    (don't forget the cusshion on all 4 sides.)

    Rule #3: Keep your eyes moving. "scan- Don't stare"

    Rule #4: Leave yourself an out. "Be prepared. expect the unexpected."

    Rule #5: Make sure they see you. "don't gamble. Use your horn, Lights, and signals.

    That's just the tip of the iceburgh of rules I had been giving in class today.
    Yea, I'm just starting ups driving classes and I'm already nervois cause they showed scenarios of accidents with the "You could of avoided it lectures".
    Makes me nervois already. I've been driving for yrs with other companies but non of them ever emphasized so much in expectation on how you can "always" avoid an accident and put blame on the driver even if the police site the other party.
    That's just nutts. I understand there points and thank God I've never been in an accident but man. As much as profesional drivers are on the road the odds are against us and we have a high probability of been involved in some type of accident some time in our careers.
    Making me sweat a little. Especially the feeder and sleeper crews. I've seen alot of crazy things on the road and just thank God nothings happened with me yet. Alot of major accidents, a few involvling multiple semi's on th P.A. turnpike and if I had just been a little further along in my route I could of been right in the middle of them but I've always been ten minutes or so after an accident like those have happened.
    They seem a little unrealistic. I can see them stressing the points but to put actual blame on a driver when evn the police sight the other party is just ignorent.
    It's gonna be a long 30 yrs. for me I guess cause I'm just starting with UPS and would like to be a proud Brown retiree.:ohmy:
  16. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    "...have you no shame?". Not really, like a combat hardened veteran my emotional repertoire has been reduced to the point of being numb.

    "One of your brothers.....". That's funny. In this context he is one of my brothers but when you talk amongst your management cronies, he/we suddenly evolve into "....vile union scum".

    ".......can't you just express your sorror (sic)......" yes, I can. It is truly tragic losing one's life for a thankless cause. All this guy wanted to do was support his family and retire to enjoy his golden years. He probably took pride in his work and actually enjoyed coming to work. He probably also realized that among the many other things that we are expected to be responsible for, we are also expected to be mind readers.

    "You are a bitter person with no compassion.....". Compassion is a two way street. There have been times when I needed a little compassion and understanding due to situations I had been drawn into, not of my choosing (and, no, it didn't involve vehicular incidents) and got none from the company. I don't believe the company hires angry, hateful and bitter people so they must evolve into this sometime after employment.

    So, Vette, I hope you're comfortable sitting in the bleachers spouting emotional mandates to those of us who are on the playing field doing battle.
  17. Load Stand

    Load Stand Guest

    I do not know the details of this accident and it is a shame for all involved....

    In reply to the poster that started harping on the "UPS will say it is his fault" thing, I say this.....The purpose of the Safe Driving Methods is to make us hard to hit...Avoidability and fault are two different things....granted, the other driver can be at fault and also be cited, but according to our training, an accident could still be deemed Avoidable....I fear that management does not properly explain this often enough and that is where the confusion arises...

    For example, if the other driver blew the light or sign, according to our training we should have noticed they were not paying attention and we shoudl have taken evasive action...we shoudla pproach each intersection cautiously...sometimes, we still may collide, especially if sight lines are restricted....but the program works in general and makes us better drivers than the rest of the public....
  18. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    can we leave the bickering out of this thread?

    thoughts and prayers to both families.
  19. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    "should" in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up the quickest.
    I love it when management exercises free license to use words such as "should", "might" and "could" to their benefit.

    Picture these very hypothetical scenarios:

    Pkg car driver: "Boss, you SHOULD give me the 8 hour day that I previously requested"
    Feeder driver: "Boss, I can't take these triples out on the icy roads, I MIGHT have an accident".

    We all know neither of these examples will ever happen but isn't it curious how the working slobs can't freely use such words.

    PS- I guess I also missed the module on "mind reading" during my training.
  20. dave_socal

    dave_socal PACKAGE/FEEDER

    ??????????????????????????????........Dude Chill , people died here! lets just think about them for THIS thread. We all have complaints and compliments about UPS, do you want someone to stand a your place of demise and rant about thier issues?
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