Let’s say the company wants to discipline for not drinking 3 gallons of water, what are you going to do ? (On Topic Only)


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We’ve actually had this happen before.
Driver was being followed and seen going into a gas station and not clocking out to go piss.
We don’t have to clock out to go to the bathroom.
Driver constantly files harassment on them now.


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The following question was asked in another thread and I thought it might make for interesting discussion:

So the company deems one of your members did not drink 3 gallons of water and they initiated progressive discipline on him or her.

As a steward, how would you handle this attempt to discipline your member?

As a rank and file member how would you expect your shop steward to handle this?
I’d fall out sick puking from drinking too much water and sue them.


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Joe Biden is not my role model.
I must also note that although he is not my role model, I do like how his administration took action on Sept 20, 2021by mobilizing to protect workers from extreme heat. I believe it is already going a long way to make UPS take this responsibility seriously.

It pretty much explains the serious focus that OSHA is taking towards protecting UPS and other workers from this recognized job hazard.

Read for yourself:

FACT SHEET: Biden Administration Mobilizes to Protect Workers and Communities from Extreme Heat - The White House


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Agreed. tell @Integrity to leave it alone. The answer is crystal clear no Steward with his merit would allow the member to be disciplined. He would have them file the appropriate grievance and move on. It would go absolutely nowhere if you file.
In my local it has not been a practice to file grievances over discipline.

Sometimes harassment grievances are submitted, but not often.

In my local rebuttals to discipline are written and submitted.

We work very diligently during the entire progressive discipline process to have the company withdraw the attempt to discipline.