Let’s say the company wants to discipline for not drinking 3 gallons of water, what are you going to do ? (On Topic Only)


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Well you better wrap this up quick because you’re retiring
The OSHA National Emphasis Program on Outdoor and Indoor Heat Hazards is really only just getting started.

The NEP is effective on April 8, 2022, and will remain in effect for three years unless canceled or extended by a superseding directive.

I will probably stick around the BC until it folds or this OSHA Emphasis Program shakes out.




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There were over 5,300 public comments on this on Facebook. I would say 5,295 of them are calling UPS drivers crybabies for complaining. Many comments were from roofers, HVAC installers working in attics and people who work with hot asphalt. It's a tough crowd out there people--you will get no sympathy from J.Q. Public.