Libs Trying to "Fix" Talk Radio

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Makes you sick doesn't it!!

    Why don't we trade them, one radio network for one television network, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, CNN Headline news, MSNBC and the list goes on.. That way the Libs can have their talk radio joke that no one will listen to and the the rest of us can have another TOP RATED network!!

    You wonder why FOX kicks their :censored2:... It's because nobody wants to listen to their lies..:lol::lol::lol:
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    If this does happen I'd venture to say that Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, etc. will follow Stern into Sat. radio and I think they could be even bigger than they are already. On commerical regulated radio they are conscience about not going to far but on Sat. radio it would be a no holds barred for them. If Rush got to Sat. radio exclusively, my guess is he would get more and better live TV coverage of his show as well which is the last thing the so-called libs want.

    To the "LIBS" who call for this fairness doctrine it comes down to "be careful what you ask for because you might just get it!" I'm no fan of Rush, Sean (I remember him locally before he hit the bigtime and Neal Boortz use to clean his clock) or Savage but I absolutely and completely oppose the so-called fairness doctrine. All these talk shows are entertainment much in the same vein as championship wrestling and nothing more and should be left completely alone IMO. When so-called libs raise a ruckess about talk radio they really give them an air of being more than they really are.

    Neal Boortz, love him or hate him at least tells it for what it is and admits completely he's a BS artist and that during the course of any show he throws out something totally BS waiting to hear if someone will call him on it with any manner of sense and rationale and yep on occassion someone does and he even let's them get their licks in. Sad part is he's so absorbed with the Fair Tax that he talks mostly of that so I gave up a couple of years ago listening to him because it just got boring for me.

    BTW: I been listening to Neal since 73' and back in the day he was a big lib himself and I mean one of them really bedwetting kind if you're into those type of descriptive pictures!

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    Because, Arrow, the democrats are egotistical enough to think that by pulling this off, they can attempt to control public opinion for the 2008 elections.

    I thought this country was based in part on Freedom of Speech, not
    Freedom from Speech...

    All great countries were destroyed from the inside. And a great way to destroy this great country is also from the inside. One of the greatest protections we have is the First Amendment, which specifically states in part that there is a guarantee by our government of free public press for its citizens and their associations, extended to members of news gathering organizations.

    If the Libs do away with that, then what?
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    Hey Sammie,

    I don't disagree with the point but it goes both ways. When Bush stood up and proclaimed "if you ain't with us, you agin us!" is also another way to stamp out freedom of speech and expression. Anytime someone offers another point of view, the Bush choirboys step up with the "unpatriotic and terrorist lover" labels and ready to cast them to hounds of perdition for the simple fact that they have a different point of view and are willing to offer it. I wonder what the attitude here would be if someone suggested any complaints about Central States or the union was heresy and should be met with the harshest of measures? And there is no 1st amendment protection in this case because the 1st amendment is a prohibition against the Federal gov't from limiting the individual the right to speak freely especially when it comes to gov't policy.

    Free Speech is just that, the freedom to speak your mind and opinion anytime you see fit as it pertains to gov't policy. As a citizen we do have that right just as you have the right to disagree and say why. The 1st amendment was put in place for the very reason that King George (the 18th century version) also gave his own "if you ain't with us, you agin us" speech and the results were a revolution and a freedom few in the history of man have enjoyed. Most of that has been wiped away so what little is left needs to be harshly defended with no apologies except to our forefathers for wasting away what they gave us.

    Democrats seem to be in the lead on pushing this fairness doctrine but make no mistake, if the tables were turned and Rush, Sean and Mike were libs and the universe as we know it was turned upside down, you can bet the very people today crying for the fairness doctrine would be in total opposition and those opposed would be it's champion.

    Circumstances always dictate the flow of politics, not principles as they want you to believe!

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    I don't think that if the world was turned upsided down, which is what would have to take place, and the Libs were on top in talk radio that the Conservative Talk shows would be pushing the "Fairness Doctrine." I think they'd take it and move on. Such as the Howard Stern aproach that you mentioned.
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    When I suggested the world turned upside down I also meant that there would be no "conservative radio" in that Rush, Sean, Savage, etc. would be championing the so-called liberal line of political opinion. Politicians are not principled souls like we'd wish or think them to be but rather are driven by polls and the opinionated winds of the moment. Watch the flipflopping politicos as the heat from the immigration issue builds. Both Senators from Georgia just rolled over looking for an exit door because of heat from the homefolks and there will be more. Sen. Richard Lugar Repub. of Indiana has now come out against the Iraq war and is looking for the exits as the heat builds on this issue. There's no principle here other than one's own self preservation in office.

    Watch politics and read the record from the Congress itself or even the President no matter who that is and you will see them say one thing and do another. In the case of the Repubs. all we heard was about bringing fiscal responsibility to gov't and downsizing it's presence in our lives. What have we got under their watch? Exactly the very opposite to the point that Bill Clinton when it comes to size and scope of gov't looks like a true conservative when it comes to limiting gov't. BTW: Check out Fortune Mag. on an article that shows Hillary getting some real key support from the big business community and even Wall Street. They are liking what she is saying to them. Even head of Morgan Stanley who has been repub. and raised tons of money and support for Bush is now behind Hillary. What does that tell you folks? For one no principles but I'll leave it at that and you can figure out the rest.

    The President in 2000' running against Al Gore gave several speeches and even in the Presidental debates condemned Mr. Gore for his efforts of Nationbuilding via the Clinton ventures in the Balkens and Bush went on to say that no nationbuilding would take place under his watch. Big, I know you poo-poo the "Nationbuilding" thingy but that's OK because when you read the record these guys really spell it out so it's there whether you deny it or not.

    Now we're bogged down in Iraq doing the very same thing Clinton did and the Repubs berated and beat him to death over this while the democrats paraded and called Clinton a God for being so "statesman like!" What do we have 10 years later? Role reversal. Starting to get the picture.

    When my guy's in charge it's OK but it's a forbidden zone when it's your guy. Mark my word, if the world was upside down you'd see very different words coming from the mouths of the characters that govern us.

    Bush is a dictator and leader of an Oligarchy!

    "I'm gonna get that WKMAC!" you say? "That snivling, whining lib, he'll get his from us!" "That terrorist lover!"

    :nono: Don't be to hasty to attack me just yet because those were not my words. Those were the words of a radio talkshow host who by the luck of the situation I was able to hear last evening on WSB-AM radio out of Atlanta Georgia. The talkshow host you ask?

    None other than Michael Savage himself!

    I heard it with my own 2 ears. The wheels are coming off the tracks folks! BTW: Michael, I'd have said aristocracy with the overidding means of governance being the Mussolini model of fascism but your words are close enough. Glad I was able to tune you in yesterday to hear you utter those words.

    Diesel, Go for it my friend because you'll only be quoting one of their own! :wink:

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    First of all,stop using such big words "OLIGARCHY".Had to go to my Webster's and look it up!
    Oligarchy=Gov't in which supreme power rests with a few "OR"
    "Those"(Talk Radio) who constitute the ruling of the few.

    Imagine a world with no Rush,Sean,Savage,Bill....Those long rides in my Tractor would get even longer.I ,myself am guilty of tuning in on my Sat. radio and contributing to my ulcer and high blood pressure.For some reason,listening to people you love to hate keeps my eyes open and strenghthens my views of whats really "fair and balanced".

    As the temperture(immigration) rises and the heat(Iraq) builds this summer,witness who will live another term and who will disintegrate as the prevailing solar heatwave reigns down on Congress resembling "The Chronicles of Riddick"

    Why don't I hear these issues such as "Nationbuilding" and "Key Wallstreet Monguls backing Hillary" and "Rino Reps Senators flip flopping"on Talk radio? I guess instead of those stories they fill those time slots bashing Hillary, Rosie and Paris.Good ploy though ,gets good ratings .For now I'll have to get my insights from WKMAC....Keep up the good work:thumbup1:
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    I work afternoons and evenings so those talk shows are out of the question for me. This week however I'm on vacation and just happen to be in the car last evening and caught Mike Savage and it was pure luck. I happen to be flipping through the dial and just happen to stop for the moment to see what was up. Man am I glad I did.

    This afternoon on the same station I caught Sean Hannity giving some Senator pure hell about his position on the immigration bill and when the interview first started Sean commented jokingly about the Fairness Doctrine and I think this clown didn't even know what it was. I'll give credit to Sean on this one as IMO he showed this guy hasn't read the bill on which he voted and on one piece of legislation he insisted that had passed when in fact it had not. Whatever these guys are smoking up there I'd sure like to buy a pound or 2 plus plenty of rolling papers. Put on Pink Floyd's Echos and off into la-la land!

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    wkmac.....that senator is something like me.....responding to your posts without really reading them (like now).

    What I wanted to tell you was that your avatar reminded me that on "My Life on the D List", Kathy Griffin had a date with Mr.Jeremy. As soon as I saw Ron Jeremy, I thought of you. Weird, huh? :wink:
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    I want everyone to quit fixing everything. Lets just stop and take a breathe, smoke free or not.

    Im tired of people telling me I cant go to a restaurant, and decide if I want to sit in smoking or non smoking.
    Im tired of people telling me I have to wear a seat belt in my own car.

    Or I have to have my dog neutered, or I have to pay tax on a plate to drive something I already paid tax on, or to get a license to drive a car, I have been driving for years.

    Or I have to wear a helmet to ride my bicycle, or my motorcycle.

    Im tired of politicians telling the strippers, they have to re robe at midnight, or else.

    Or I have to show my ID to buy alcohol if I look under 40 (well not so much)

    I listen to radio and tv, and tune in what I want, and tune out what I dont. If I cant get anything but lib, radio, sometimes I just listen and get deeply depressed. Sometimes Rush annoys the living sH** out of me, but I have a choice and I dont want it to go away.

    Somewhere soon the politicians need to find something else to do besides governing every move I make with my money. Leave me the heck alone. And leave our rights alone.

    And go to work and make a difference, earn your money, and leave us all alone, it will all be fine without your intervention!!
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    There's a website that shows people and their cars and in "their cars" it means cars that reflect their person or personality. I think I found it via Drudge but not positive. Anyway, some were ho-hum but many were gutbusters. When I saw this one with Ron and that look on his face I literally fell over and howled. As I've said before in another thread way back, we are just blowing smoke and gas here so you need moments of humor to lighten things up. The pic was nothing more than my attempt to lighten things up and to also show that IMHO we're all just full of it anyway!

    Be Sweet!
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    OH MY GOD!
    OH MY GOD!

    You're starting to sound like a libertarian!

    Someone quick, call 911.

    Seriously Tooner, many points well taken. Nice job!
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    "You're starting to sound like a libertarian!"

    Ha! I thought the same thing!
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    Im not sure the definition of any of the label, conservative, liberitarian, or democrat. I just know its not freedom, when I cant do what I want, when I want, and not have half of it be breaking the law.:confused:1
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    Back on topic....the way I see it is that talk radio has already been "fixed." It happened when Air America went down in flames. LOL.
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    I think in principle, most Americans believe in fairness and also believe in the freedom that all sides should be able to express their point of view. I actually think in most circles this is a given but there are extremes on both sides where this is truly not the case. But here is where this whole thing becomes a concern for me and it's based on legal precedence.

    Radio is a gov't regulated medium in that in order to broadcast, you must get a license to do so and then abide by the rules and regulations that govern this medium. One of the reasons Stern (besides a boatload of money) went to sat. radio was this medium is not regulated and therefore he has a wide open format that is only limited by his audience itself in whether they tune in or tune out.

    OK, now to the real point of this. For the most part, the internet itself isn't regulated but the means of it's delivery is. The phone lines and even the cables lines are a gov't regulated vehicle and with that in mind consider this scenario for just a moment.

    Talk radio is forever changed to be almost non-existent when Congress brings back the Fairness Doctrine. Now I happen to believe that won't be completely true but let's use the worse case situation for the moment. OK, Sean, Rush, Savage, etc. are out of a job but still have an audience demanding their presence. On the internet they go (I know it would be Sat. radio but humor me) and these guys are back up and running. They even gain a wider audience with all the new wireless devices out there so all of a sudden the voices that Congress tried to stampout has become even bigger. Some political aid in Washington who is trying to make a name for themselves and could care less about principles and freedoms(you know the kind of person that just threw out the immigration bill for example :wink:) decides under the Commerce Clause that being that the medium of internet transport is a regulated industry that the Fairness Doctrine also has application and now Congress widens it's footprint to include the internet. OK, it's done so what would we see here?

    Are we balanced enough in our discussions on the many topics here? Here's one for ya. Does management's view get open and equal time? Or how about this. There were 2 posters here who expressed views different form the majority here but also had a little bit of a meanstreak that went beyond proper edicate and have since been banned. Under this Fairness Doctrine application could a case be made that they would have to come back in order for this forum to comply with the law?

    I've always felt that power and the ability to exercise authority was like sex. If a little bit is good, a lot is even better and all the time is awesome! It is the truly a rare person who in that moment when given the opportunity for sex, when there's no chance of something going wrong such as you're with the one you love but that urge is there that you don't drop what you are doing and laspe into the throws of passion. Gov't power IMO is just like this and it take one principled person to resist it's allure. Do you truly have faith that the elected officials in Washington can resist the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge?