Local 25 Teamsters borderline criminal act?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Mart Man, Dec 7, 2018.


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  1. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    They used to called "90 day wonders".


    Now.... your lucky if the supes can drive a stick.
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  2. Sweeper

    Sweeper I need a bigger broom

    Roughly 25 years ago I applied for a part time job at UPS in Joint council 10. There used to be a walk through of the building, during a sort, where essentially the HR person would give you all the information and try to talk you out of taking the job. The group I was in was starting after the free period had begun and were not going for P/T seniority. It was openly disclosed to all of us that initiation fees and dues were going to be taken out of our checks even though there was no guarantee of a permanent job and that there would be no medical coverage until after we made book. HR talked me right out of taking that P/T job. I went back 8 months later and got hired onto another P/T shift before the free period began. 25 years ago this was a sought after company to work for. It would seem that HR/management hasn’t been upfront with what would be deducted out of new hires checks and or they simply weren’t deducting the correct amounts from the get go. The current job market is creating difficulties for the union and the company hence additional incentives such as attendance bonuses being paid to new hires.
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  3. 623STEWARD

    623STEWARD Member

    If Sean got caught robbing the bank you would say he didn’t do it. This time he’s robbing the member and you say it’s a clerical error. Very creative.
  4. Mart Man

    Mart Man New Member

    Once again, HR made it very clear that this was a seasonal job and that we would have to pay incremental fees of $32 after our second paycheck, it even says this in the union paper work produced by the union that we are required to fill out. Never did it say that they were going to take our ENTIRE paycheck. To my understanding, the union requested SEASONAL employees complete the entire initiation fee after 31 days, completely disregarding the payment plan they had agreed to in order to receive as much money from seasonal workers as possible, even if that meant screwing a bunch of people over. It is also UPS payrolls fault for allowing the request to be fulfilled. Seems to be everyone is getting away from the issue. Entire paychecks were taken and people worked all week to receive 0$. All to receive 0 benefits because the money was taken before we even reached 225 work hours in the three month period.
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  5. Reality is...
    The golf cart employees cant do 60-80 stops a day and either leave the remaining pkgs in the garage with the cart and diad for someone else to finish or...

    The PVD folks cant deliver the 80 stops each that they were supposed to or...

    The seasonal drivers recruited from the part time ranks cant do the 60-80 stops they are sent out to do and need bailed out or...

    The outside seasonal drivers are not as productive as planned (we recently had one off the street seasonal here that delivered 9 stops in 6 hours) or...

    All or a combination of all of the above.
    Not 90 days for the last one here.
    It was 3 days and the supe asked someone to pull his truck out of the building for him because he was behind a pole.
    Yep. 3 days. That's it.

    But I'm also talking about the ors that just got back from delivering pkgs in the L89 area because they had a need for more delivery drivers. The center manager told us that. They have got to be scraping the barrel.
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  6. Mart Man

    Mart Man New Member

    To be even clearer, union dues were taken out after my second pay check. Up until they took my entire paycheck I had paid $96. I started at the end of October and began payments mid November. How come in December they took my entire almost $300 paycheck which included my attendance bonus? This here is the problem. Please try to stay on point.
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  7. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    And if Sean farted, you’d say it’s corruption. So how do explain the same issue in a different local? Is that Sean too? Does Sean hire any of these people? Is Sean the treasurer? HR? In charge of Titan? Work reception of his local? If Yolo is the scarecrow, you must be Toto.
  8. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    I agree.

    Hey @BigUnionGuy, if the Union charges "seasonal employees" union dues and initiation fees without them being "seniority employees", why shouldn't any supervisors working be treated the same???

    Wouldn't that be another deterrent for the Company to avoid violating all year long and incentivize them to properly staff???
  9. Yolo

    Yolo Active Member

    Regardless of it's Local 25s fault or UPS's fault. ITS LOCAL 25S JOB TO REMEDY THE ISSUE. STOP POINTING FINGERS AND FIX IT!
  10. That was my point. I understand that "understaffed" is a chronic issue but supes dont work in our facility any other time and the center manager just pays the violated time instead of going the grievance route if they violate the cba.
    The other issue is for two or three ors trying to train so many new drivers in such a short time prior to crunch time. The pkg car drivers end up cleaning up the spill over and the supes end up doing bargaining unit work to make service on stops that are going to be missed.

    It's a mixed bag but the supes that drive should at least pay union dues if the seasonal folks are forced to.
  11. No it’s not, it’s UPS’s job dummy. They’re the ones that decided to take your whole paycheck. Not the union. UPS couldve easily written a check, covered the money owed and communicated their error at PCM’s. Instead they let it happen.
  12. Sweeper

    Sweeper I need a bigger broom

    If everything you are saying is accurate and I’ve got no reason to think it isn’t than you’re all getting hosed. This is particualarly troubling due to the time of year. I suspect that some of the locals are getting fed up with UPS payroll not deducting the proper amount out of some employees checks. It sucks for all of you new hires that got caught up in this. UPS is trying to staff shifts. The more money they take out of your check earlier on the more likely you are to quit sooner. Reading between the lines it sounds like the effected locals called out UPS for the money. I’m sure it’s not chump change when all tallied. Unfortunately UPS payroll, perhaps with the locals blessing, decided to take it all at once regardless of whether you were behind in initiation fees per your agreement or not.
  13. Correction: management that does any bargaining unit work should pay the fees and dues.
    Heck, a new pt time supe told me that he gets paid his (would be) pt time rate for loading on top of his management salary if he does bargaining unit work.
    The company knows exactly how much time they worked when pressed for the violated hours because they've logged them to compensate the supe as an hourly. We've seen this.
    All the more reason to treat them as hourly.
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  14. Yolo

    Yolo Active Member

    Are you retarded? It's the Union's job to protect it's members.

    The union let UPS do it and that's a damn disgrace.
  15. There’s no way in hell a casual walking in for peak would know this. I smell a supervisor.
  16. UPS paid what was owed. The person/people that pressed the button in a probably windowless UPS payroll office that is likely somewhere in flyover country are at fault. They didn’t communicate this to anyone. The amount of payroll issues we have DUE TO UPS’ stupidity to begin with is ridiculous and here again is another huge example of their utter incompetence. You sound like ANOTHER supervisor trying to point the finger at the Union which has ZERO access to employees payroll.
  17. Yolo

    Yolo Active Member

    It's the Union's job to stand up to UPS and get them to fix the issue ! Why should seasonal employees send their entire check to the Teamsters? I will continue to fight for my union brothers and sisters. I don't care if they are seasonal or pt. They are still Teamsters!
  18. Well, technically they are indeed now Teamsteds and should take advantage of it. As to the money-well then by your logic, UPS should fix the issue on their own if it’s the “unions fault” like you say it is. So why should the union go to UPS when it’s not their fault-you still are deflecting the subject suggesting you’re a supervisor. This is squarely UPS HR’s fault. They are the ones that need to fix it. Perhaps upping the bonus AND issuing an APOLOGY next week would suffice. UPS can certainly afford it.

    “Dear employees,
    We screwed up and overpaid, the good news is twofold now you’ll only have to pay dues monthly and you’re all now members of the best local going and you should take advantage of being members! Also, please accept this bonus as our sincere apology for :censored2:ing You over!

    ps. We’re laying 80% if you off in about 3 weeks
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  19. Yolo

    Yolo Active Member

    They paid a :censored2:load in union dues to the teamsters. It's the teamsters job to represent them in issues like this.
  20. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    So no matter who’s fault it is 25 needs to fix it? You seem to be the one pointing the fingers. Except it’s only in one direction.