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Checking at the local website for answers has been a waste of my time, www.teamsters377.com waiting for management to sit us down and have five minute discusssion of what they know is like waiting to see God.
The election (local 377)seems to have been frauded as I read on www. teamster.net , but also our ballot on the contract was flawed and has to be redone. So a new re election and a new vote on the contract. It would be so much better if our local came out and told us whats going on, but I guess since its the president that is in question, nothing will be put up about that. The longer we absorb hearsay, the worse it will get.
I guess its just a youngstown thing. Crime and corruption still at its best.
Just give us your money, we are the proffesionals, we know how to handle things
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First of all I think we have to take into consideration that people have lost jobs due to the results of this election. This has a tendency to bring out the cries of foul play and I want a recount. These things are to be expected, although everyone should know that these results were already recounted and witnessed by a lawyer from the Joint Council. If we fall into the groove that is being laid out by the loosing slate without thinking for ourselves as to their motives for crying foul play we do each and everyone of us a great disservice by becoming the sheep that they want us to be.