Local 512 Collusion with Management ?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by pomf, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I recently heard a rumor that here in Jacksonville FL, Local 512 has colluded with UPS management to ignore all grievances filed in violation of Article 3 section 7 (supervisors working).

    Now, it has totally gotten out of control when it comes to this. Of course down here most people, except for a few, will look the other way and go home while the supervisors do their work because they don't want to make waves.

    None of this comes as a surprise to me. Our union is weak and the company wants to line the pockets of their shareholders and executives by violating the contract and shoving it up our :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: every which way possible.

    However, to hear that our own Local selling us out like this is completely irresponsible and unacceptable. So why should I continue to support Teamsters by paying union dues if they are just going to shove it up my :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: and not honor the contract as well ???
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    I bet it a bad rumor. Get involved in your local union and find out what's going on then you can talk the talk because you will have walked the walk.
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    you should call K W , your local business agent and the southeastern rep. who has sold out the Whites Creek (nashville) tn. hub for years , welcome to the club , hopefully one day you guys will vote him out down there please .
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    get a life so what supervisors work.. you guys dont honor the contract neither.. talk about a fair days work for a fair days pay... ripping the company off lazy bum workers.. but yet has the audacity to complain about management picking up their slack. HOW ABOUT YOU DO YOUR JOB SO NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU =]
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    Keep sending those fat comp checks in care of Me, not You.
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    yawnnnnnnnnnn.... blahhh
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    Fat checks. Yum.
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    Now they are making people clock out for a lunch break when they hit 5 hours on their sort. Then want to return to work just so they don't have to pay overtime.

    I'm definitely going to find out some facts on what exactly is going on.

    To the individual running his mouth up there, really? ALL corporations and big shot executives like to stick to the little guy. How do you think they got there to begin with?

    So when WE little guys can stick it to them there is no shame in that.
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    signed,scott davis jr.
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    send me your name and locals number ill call them for you and you can bow out of the union. since there all in cahotes im sure managment will find out fast. i wanna see you do it.
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    Hmm sounds like my sup. I swear people like this seem to have forgotten they had the same job just a few months ago
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    They go to soul-sucking school, I mean, management school. When they go through the soul-sucking machine, it was turned up to max. Not everyone loses their soul, just seems like the ones that haven't gotten out or pushed out.
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    :peaceful:I know that this will be definitely be "touchie" for many -pardon the pun --but look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.
    This is a problem and both parties are equally guilty.

    Supervisors or any Management doing hourly work without cause or reason is absolutely wrong , a violation of contract and should be dealt with through the grievance procedure --no argument from me.

    EXCESSIVE absenteeism, absent no call, late, no call-- disrupts entire operations. When the bell or clock whatever rings in the inside hubs and preloads --believe it or not there are planned and controlled flows to insure safety of people,reduction of damages and a planned finish time to keep the ENTIRE SYSTEM running. If the hubs run late, the Preloads run late-the drivers get out late --Service and the Customers suffer.

    For example if you are a hub manager and have planned for vacations, optionals, comp, acceptable absentee level and are staffed correctly.
    Nothing is more frustrating when the buzzer goes off you have 115 part timers on the payroll for 100 positions --at the start you are jerking around with 90 people ---some called , some late, some no call.

    The flows become"uneven" big pushes at the end of sorts, supervisors working --disaster !!

    Hourly scream "supervisors working"
    Union screams "SUPERVISORS WORKING"
    Company cracks down hard on High absentee offenders.
    Union screams to Corporate too many warning letters.

    ???????? Be fair ---this is a problem for both sides and has to be dealt with .

    Supervisors have many obligations including not doing hourly work.

    Teamsters --part and full time have an obligation also ---not 20 to 30 days out per year !!:sad-little:
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    it's no rumors. Our local is brutal when it comes to collusion and "deal making" and other extra-contract stuff, and only begins there.,...starts at the top, from the top. Notice I didn't say "top"! ...that should be clarified!
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    i know some one with kw number i see if i can give him your message . better yet ill try and get his number i get it to you you can caLL HI M AND TELL HIM MAN TO MAN,
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