Local 89 mailing to 9000 members

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by derf3733, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Central Supplement might get shot down even worse on the 2nd attempt.

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    Not one thing in that mailer has a rats chance of getting changed so what's local 89 plan?
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    The No Overtime is a Slippery Slope. Doesn't this conflict the 9.5??

    Also, that sheet was smaller than I expected. I thought I would see more things.

    How are things for retirees now? I am going to guess they fixed it with this last bump in benefits.

    What is the exact language on the ER room thing, I have seen it explained so many ways.. One you pay 20% one you don't. so on so on. Guess I have to have another Kidney stone to find out.. HAHA
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    Local 89 is being lead by an irrational person. This man has a political agenda and that all this is. I'd laugh if ups diverted volume from Louisville after this is all said and done. One man controlling so man members and being totally irrational is a bad business model for ups. Divert the volume and decrease the members which turns it back on Fred. I'd a simple steward can think of this so can ups.
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    Largest air hub, I doubt that.

    Hey, you kinda described Obama... HAHA
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    Don't be to sure. Ups will step over a buck to save a dime just to spite someone. I've seen it happen many times. Fred's a jerk and people tend to get even.
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    The mailer you posted.....
    Reduced life insurance benefits and no more option for supplemental life insurance..... what are the facts on this?
    The p/t automatic life insurance is 10,000 here. I pay for the extra life insurance and AD&D at half the price I could get it through my wife's employer.... is this really ending?
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    There's 16 open supplements and ~6 or 7 are being voted on (ballots went out today, 9/18). I can see IBT getting at least 50-75% of those passed and whittling down the remaining open supplements, leaving the strongest "Vote NO" locals (89 in Louisville, 623 in Philly, 804 in NY). Local 177 and a lot of the Western Conference folks negotiated their own plans and will get the carve out, so I can see the contract passing there.

    If it comes down to only two or three locals holding up their supplements, this should be interesting. 705 won't even start negotiating until the NMA is fully ratified.
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    Not a chance in hell this will ever happen, short of a strike or lockout.
    Spite doesn't change logistics or the ENORMOUS investment UPS has in Worldport.
    Fred Z has a huge bargaining chip and is playing it to the fullest.
    Good for him, and so far, good for me.
    The pot has been sweetened as a result of our first NO VOTE in the Central Region.
    I'll be voting no again.
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    As Fred stays in office (for a while at least) UPS will get even at the expense of L89 members at JAC's. You're a real hero Fred.
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    They will they always do. Their members will pay a price while Fred and the boys sit comfortably in their offices. The members will grow to hate this man.
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    i like anyone who will stand up to these "task masters". wish all locals would crack down on big brown.our local is going to be a no vote again too it seems.top three complaints,art 17 I, 9.5 ,and harassment on 9.5 /retaliation.
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    17i has been addressed,(serious offenses has been changed to cardinal) of course TDU doesn't mention that. New 9.5/retaliation and harassment language is in the National. But you're not voting on the National. That's over.
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    17i needs to be eliminated, period.
    Changing serious to cardinal doesn't prohibit the company from the same loose interpretation of an undefined article.
    The rest of the "improved language" falls far short of solving their perspective issues.
    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.