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    Just curious. I know this won't be a scientific poll in any manner. Does anybody know of UPS drivers that have lived into their 80's or 90's? And what was their physical condition? I've only been with the company since '99 and I'm in my early thirties and I can't imagine my body holding up 'till I'm 90. My grandfather was a postman and he needed hip surgery when he was 74. I know medicine in the future will be better, but I can't believe I can abuse my body in this way and feel good when I'm 85. But then again, who feels good when they're 85? What I really want to now is, if I continue to do this for 25 more years, will I need to be pushed around in a wheel chair when I'm 70? Thanks for any feedback in advance...
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    i know a few drivers that are in their late 70's they get along fine..but you have to remember that when they were drivers #'s werent a big deal..and packages were not as heavy as todays packages..plus there were no airs back then and the company was a whole lot different then..
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    There was quite a bit of hoopla about Marty Peters celebrating his 60th year with UPS, mainly as a package car driver. Marty is working inside now, but appeared to be getting around fairly well. He appears to be the exception.
  4. We have a feeder driver that just turned 69, believe Marty Peters is 83.
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    Does the gold wheelchair we recieve at retirement tell you anything?
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    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe Marty Peters worked as a full time package car driver much past the days of deregulation; you know, the 'no more than 3 pkgs less than 100 lbs' days? He's been a clerk for a long time.
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    I'm 49 and been driving a P-500 without power steering since 78. I plan to live into my 90s so I'll let you know.
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    Hey leastbest,how`ve ya been? Still playin your guitar on your break?
    I`m like you,a p800 with no power steering 16 years now.I`m 51 and plan on hangin in as long as I can.
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    I still take the guitar some days but I normally take a banjo now. I took up clawhammer a while back and sit on the banks of Lake Erie in Sheffield Lake on my breaks and relax.

    I don't think management likes it but they'll get over it.

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    You are a die hard trooper with a talent for wit...you could be a good journalist.Your web site is really funny and heartfelt.Wanna get together
    and do gigs with me when you retire?Can you sing?
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    Man, why don't you just come out and say what you really want to do with him. Sicko.
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    Double Standard and Least Best Like to play guitar and live not too far from one another. Nothing sick about that.
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    Scratch-You've got to realize that loverboy is just an opinionated jerk
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    O.K. old man, thats enough from you. Somebody take grandpa to the "home"!!