Lost Medical Specimens

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I work for a medical office that sends specimens for cancer screening to a pathology lab using UPS. My issue is the box was put into a UPS drop box in Denver, CO without a label and is now MIA. As I'm sure you can imagine, it is incredibly important that we find these specimens and quickly. I have been calling the UPS Customer Care number and have been hitting roadblock after roadblock. I can't imagine that UPS would not have a holding space for undeliverable biological substance paks. If anyone could help by providing an contact name, number and/or email it would be greatly appreciated.

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They may have put another label on it and sent it on its way. I'm sure they knew it was medical, and did their best to do that.
That would be amazing if they did. I'm a little concerned because usually the lab would receive the specimens the next day. However, as of today, still nothing on file.

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My issue is the box was put into a UPS drop box in Denver, CO without a label and is now MIA.

Without a label, what did you think was going to happen ?

A package without a label will first go to a clerk, who will open it.... and try to determine

either the shipper or the consignee. After that, it will sit in the local "over-goods" secure

cage. After a finite period of time (barring it can't be identified) it will be sent to a regional

over-goods location, at which point it will be held for another finite time period and either

be destroyed or auctioned off at some point.

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Biohazard with no address may have been destroyed. How long do you expect UPS to hold them?

@barnyard knows though.
Agreed. Look at it from a non medicinal personel.

Shipping company recieves an unlabeled box with unknown biological materials... Idk about you but I’m not gonna just throw that on the shelf. Check with the towns PD maybe you will get lucky.