louisiana help insurance ?/p/t sups.

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    ok i have to questions my first is, im currently p/t at one of the centers in louisiana, well yesterday i tried adding my girl friend to my insurance because she needs to have a tooth removed ,and with no insurance its alot of money but any way the guy on the phone tells me i can't add her because im in louisiana and the insurance is only to cover her if we were married. and my 2nd is usually how fast would a p/t sup. moved up to fulltime compared to drivers?
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    I cant think of why they WOULD put her on your insurance, dont ever expect that.

    Are you asking about ft sup or ft driver?
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    for bout bexause im about to become p/t sup. but i was wondering how long would it be before i turn full. compared to working p/t preload and to become fulltime driving.
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    And that allows every tom dick and harry to be on your insurance?

    Ft sup is completely up to you, its the same process for pt sup but they add another test and a panel interview normally with your dm, hr manager, center manager type thing....then its a wait game to when they have a position open we re not making any new management positions so it could be awhile...

    For driving they hire in a 6-1 ratio so every 6 people that move up from cover driving preload etc 1 is an outside hire or pt sup.....so its all depending on the makeup of your center, again they arent making any new driving positions and in some cases not filling retiree positions so it could be awhile.
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    thats nice to hear, i want to drive but dont want to.
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    ok have fun with that
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    LOL........let us know how it works out for ya!!:peaceful:
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    i will do lol.