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    Here's one for you art. 22 people
    According to the contract, we are suppose to get a 50 minute lunch and one break. However we are getting lunch breaks that last sometime an hour and a half.
    Ex. I start at 5:15 pm and end at 9:15. With a 50 minute lunch, I would normally start work 10:05, even if the sort starts at 10:30. However, they are making me start at 10:30 which means I get an hour and 25 minute lunch break.:angry:
    Though they claim there is nothing to do before the sort starts, if they let me start early, there is always work to do, setting up the docks etc.
    We have filed grievances on this but to no avail. The company even said places in Minnesota are getting 2 breaks. This is BS and a direct violation of the contract.
    I would like to hear from people in other hubs and centers to see if they are suffering this fate.

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    I don't see the violation here as long as no one your junior is working, or sups are preforming barging unit work. They are giving you all your hours just on a modified schedule. I understand it may be a inconvenience, but what is the violation? The language about lunch is there to say you get a lunch not that it's all you get.