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    The use of a mail box for anything other than mail being illegal is not a new thing. In 1961 when my husband was 13 he started a lawn mowing job for extra money. He put printed papers announcing the service in 60-75 neighborhood mailboxes. Someone reported it and he had to pay postage for every paper he delivered.
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    You must wear a tie to work everyday
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    I do now when I have an important client I am meeting with. But for over 31 years I paved the way for rookies like you. So be a good little driver and follow methods.


    You think maybe it might be you she hates, and not UPS? And maybe you think laying out next to the mail box is a safe delivery? Maybe she does need to contact your center manager and have him/her follow up with your delivery methods.

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    "You think maybe it might be you she hates, and not UPS? And maybe you think laying out next to the mail box is a safe delivery? Maybe she does need to contact your center manager and have him/her follow up with your delivery methods."

    Its the first contact I've ever had with her so she must hate ups. She's just a bitch why can't you see that? Why would she care that an envolope was in a mailbox? How is that affecting her in anyway? If the shoe was on the other foot I really wouldn't care what was in there as long as i could do MY job
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    My suggestion to you would be avoid the mail woman, follow methods and not put things into mail boxes. That way you will avoid any confrontation. A win for everyone including the customer.

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    Wow. OK.

    Because it's against the law. Is it a stupid law? Maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DOING IT.

    That says something about you. She's a bitch because she's pointing out that you are doing something wrong. YOU'RE a hero because you are just trying to do your job. She's the person in the right in this case, which is the point you are missing. It isn't up for interpertation, it's the law, and against policy. Sorry.
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    yea go the extra mile and leave it in the back shed where its out of sight out of weather ,all the better if its a 70lb box.And leave a delivery notice..make sure you scan the del notice then the pkg,your ass is covered.
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    "Because it's against the law. Is it a stupid law? Maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DOING IT."

    You didn't anwser my question: how is it affecting her job? I'm not supposed to be doing a lot of things. Like eat red meat everyday or have more than 2 beers or start of in first geer
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    You are taking up precious mailbox space. Im no mailman, but maybe its hard stuffing new porno mags into the local pervs box. Some things take up alot of room.
    Whether its against the law or not, its not our policy, and where i am from you will be fired if caught.
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    If I'm not mistaken, it's in the methods not to leave packages in mailboxes. To put it simply, UPS pays you well and they have the right--within reason--to tell you how to do the job. They can't tell you YOU MUST BONUS, but they can say DON'T LEAVE PACKAGES IN MAILBOXES. I'm a union steward, and these type of hearings piss me off. What can you say to defend someone who does something so dumb that they knew they weren't supposed to do? Just do the job using the methods, and stop asking why!
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    Brownie-You are just frigging dense. Eating red meat is a choice you make. You break no law by doing it. Drinking a couple of beers is your choice and you break no laws doing it unless you drive. Putting a UPS pkg inside a mail box is against FEDERAL LAW. Yes you choose to put a package in it but in theis case you have broken the law. Don't know how many years you have been a driver but it doesn't sound like you will retire as a driver. You get paid byt the hour. Deliver the package to the house. And no I don't wear a tie.
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    Thats got to be the dumbest law i ever heard of. I bet the FBI is prosicuting ups drivers all the time for this violation
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    You're right I'm dense. Why do you think I work at UPS? Harvard law didnt accept me.
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    I have had the opportunity to sit in on several hearings dealing with stupid drivers like this that think that rules apply to every one else but them. Even after counseling, coaching, everything but beating the sense into them, they still go out and screw up. With some people it seems they cant help themselves. I think it has something to do with the weak link in the human gene pool that seems to come out. They usually dont last long at ups.

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    I had a UPS delivery made in my mailbox once. The driver DR'ed a padded envelope with jewelry in it, leaving it halfway out the mailbox door during a day of heavy thunderstorms. It was soaking wet, I called in a complaint against the lazy idiot. Another time somebody left a box in the middle of my driveway, my wife almost ran over it when she came home. I'm paid to do my job right, why some people think they are special, I don't know. Like Dannyboy and Wily posted, these types usually get weeded out eventually, the sooner the better.
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    If your wife hit that package it would have been an avoidable accident. Have you taught her the five seeing habits yet?
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    Sounds like she used them, he said almost hit it.
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    I cringe when I see packages left leaning against the garage door (by other carriers, I'm sure).
    I can just imagine the door going up, and the customer backing over their package.
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    See this a lot in your replies:
    "IT is also against UPS delivery methods. Period."
    Just curious, are you a fast typer and do this by mistake, or am I missing a subtle message, like someone on this site using gooberment?
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    Brownie you are your own worst enemy, everytime that you open your mouth you appear less and less intelligent, I am guessing that you are no more than 3 generations off of the tree. In a previous post you spoke of how you can do a route much faster than the regular driver and how you do not want to run over standards and look like a lazy pig. In my opinion when you leave packages in the mailbox instead of doing the proper thing and walking up to the house and doing a proper DR you are in fact a glowing neon lazy pig, so why don't you climb down off of your self appointed thrown and do the right thing by the customer and give them the service that they are paying for so they don't venture out and use a different carrier and you ask with a dumbfounded look "what happened why are they using the other guy now"..