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  1. browniehound

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    Anybody ever get any crap from a mailman for putting ups envelopes in peoples mailboxes? Most of the mailmen I know are cool with it and don't give hoot that its in there. But today I had this mailwoman who is as wide as she is tall come waddle over to me and told me to stop putting envelopes in the mailboxes or she'll ship them back to ups and charge me for the postage. I really don't understand why this would bother her. If she really doesn't like it she can just take them out and leave them on the ground. I guess shes just bitter and hates UPS.
  2. scratch

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    Its a Post Office regulation that only USPS can put anything in a mailbox, even though the homeowner pays for it. We aren't supposed to put anything in one, do you have a Driver Release option on your DIAD board? The Post Office out here confiscates anything non-postal found in a mailbox, a UPS supervisor has to go see the Postmaster to get it back. If we were allowed to DR in a mailbox, we would probably get dispatched an extra 25-40 stops.:w00t:
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    Thats a loss of job where im from.
  4. UPSmeoff

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    BTW what do you have against weight challenged peeps.

    I bet your part time.
  5. DS

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    Were told here in training not to use the mailbox,but I do if I have to.I guess thats why theres no Driver release to mailbox option,
    Dont know about there,but the post office refuses everything they get sent ups here..unless something to do with them.We have a chain of drugstores here in Canada with post offices and if I try to del an express letter to a PObox they refuse it.Plane tickets...closing documents...whatever.I guess they`re trying to force the customer to use them exclusively.Thats stupid.I still use the mail.
  6. browndude

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    uhhh it is also against a federal offense to put anything in a mailbox
  7. InTheRed

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    We have a driver release mailbox option. When you press deliver, press big arrow down for some more choices...I think it's choice F.
  8. outta hours

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    Don't put it in the mailbox, use a DR bag and tie it to the mailbox. If you have no access to the house. Sometimes you may have to hang it on the gate or fence. Only with a SDN an consignee permission of course.
  9. Fredly000

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    Yes technically a mailbox is property of the USPS... the government.
    LOL, I've left stuff ontop of boxes, there is no option for mailbox, there
    is an option for UPSBOX or something like that.. not the same..
    but some treat it as such....
  10. dannyboy

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    Many of my customers used to place a larger box near the mail box. It is against the law, and against UPS policy to stick anything into a mail box without paying the proper postage. Period. So just dont do it. Tying one onto the post is legal, but it would be a bad DR. Work with the customer to find a solution that works for both them, you and is within UPS guidelines. Otherwise you could be held financially responsible for the loss of the package.

    We had one here that left several packages on his route in the mail boxes, and the mail man threw them in the dumpster. The mail man was never reprimanded, but our driver got a warning letter and had to pay for one.

  11. sendagain

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    Technically, it is true that putting anything in someone's mailbox is illegal. I sometimes did it purely for security reasons, and never thought twice about slipping it through the carved mail slot in a front door. I think if you are using this method to avoid walking to the front door, you are not providing good service to the customer, you're just looking for a way to find more break time. The package could interfere with the letter carrier's ability to do their job, and could rightfully piss them off.
  12. over9five

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    "..the mail man threw them in the dumpster."

    Definately time for an after hours "talk" with that mailman...

    And, yes, I am advocating violence....
  13. rushfan

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    I've been told it is ilegal to put anything on or in the postbox that is not post related. If the person has a mail slot in their front door, and if I have an envelope for them, I will put it through the mail slot.
  14. inmt

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    I found it amusing yesterday after reading this post to see that the paper "boy" was putting the local newspaper into several mailboxes. I wonder if the mail man would throw those in the garbage too?

    Since i deliver in the country a lot, this is of some interest to me. I often use the mail box for consignees who ask that i do that when the roads are snowed in, etc.

    I remember one of the first group of new bills the President wanted to submit to congress contained a "bill" that would give the individual ownership of their mailboxes. It would have meant it would not be a federal offense to put stuff in them. It didnt fly. I wonder why? like, who really cares? oh well.
  15. dannyboy

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    Yes he would. Five or six years ago, the local company that delivered the phone books placed them in the mail boxes. All over my route, thousands of phone books were pitched over the top of the carriers jeep and landed in the middle of the street.

    They have the right to discard any object that is in the box that has not been paid for.

    you do know that to send a letter in a package, legally you must attach enough first class postage to the package to cover the letter, even though the USPS will never touch the package? That is why every once in a while you will see postage stamps on some of our packages. Used to happen more in years gone by then now.

    BTW, slots in a door are not the same as a mail box. You can and should use them. But a mail box attached to the front door is the same as one out at the side of the road.

  16. browniehound

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    "They have the right to discard any object that is in the box that has not been paid for."

    My point is why does the mailman care? Maybe shes just pissed at me caise she probably hansn't been laid in 3 decades
  17. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    "BTW what do you have against weight challenged peeps."

    Nothing. I have something against really short people though
  18. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    The point is not if they care or not, the point is ( and lost on you) that it is against the law. Pure and simple. Really does not matter if you or they care or not, and has nothing to do with you.(you really are not that important to them)

    IT is also against UPS delivery methods. Period.

  19. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    "The point is not if they care or not, the point is ( and lost on you) that it is against the law. Pure and simple. Really does not matter if you or they care or not, and has nothing to do with you.(you really are not that important to them)

    IT is also against UPS delivery methods. Period."

    Cut the crap. Speeding is against the law and i'm sure you've done it on occasion. Leaving the bulkhead door open is against UPS delivery methods, yet everybody does it.

    Heck, forget about loansharking, racketeering, and money laundering and go after all the people leaving things in mailboxes
  20. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Hey Junior, why are you trying to justify what you are doing now that you have been caught? You asked about the response that the mail carrier had to your leaving packages in the mailbox. Just because you dont like the answer does not make what you are doing better or any more legal.

    They acted within the guidelines under the law and you dont like it. Your attempt to justify it by bringing up other things really does not help your case.

    When I was a rookie driver, and the delivery notices were very tall and had no adhesive, I tried to leave the notices in the box when leaving a package in a really out of the way place that the customer would not easily see. I ended up having to pay what ever the first class postage was back then. So while it would differ from one area to the next, no matter how you would like it to be, it is against the law and against Ups delivery methods. Call it crap, but you asked the question. Dont shoot the delivery man for delivering something you ordered.