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You might want to rethink that.

If the government there has to warn its females NOT to nag, what do you think those men are enduring?
Is that one of those places where all you have to do is turn around twice and repeat "I divorce you" 3 times and its a done deal?


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Is that one of those places where all you have to do is turn around twice and repeat "I divorce you" 3 times and its a done deal?
Don't forget the mother in-law lives in the hut too. That's how wifey learned to beotch all the time.

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I ain't playing


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I'm going to have to check on retirement property in Malaysia.
I lived in Malaysia back in the early 70's when our family was in the Peace Corps.
Women had to walk 3 steps behind their husbands. The men ran everything but I don't remember them being overly harsh.

One US dollar at the time was worth 3 Malaysian dollars so you could live like a king. That has changed now . The beach we used to go was empty but now there are hotels there.

We loved in there, especially the food. The country has a good amount of Chinese and Indians and the food was fabulous. I didn't want to come home but then our stint was up.

The only negative of the place was the rain in the winter months. It would rain for 2 months straight. The weather stays warm but you have to stay indoors for 2 months which feels like a lifetime.


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It's clear that these Malaysia gals do not know basic pandemic protocol!

Doll yourselves up for hubby.
Make a sammich.
No nagging.


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That picture ^^^^^^ IS a Malaysian woman.

The Malaysian women are gorgeous. Out in the country they wear sorongs and go topless.

We lived in a small town Kuantan on the east coast. I was the only white kid in the high school so for a short time learned what it was like to be a minority. Racism has no borders. the Chinese and Indian students treated me well but the Malays disliked Americans.

The schools were all male or all female ( at that time ). Everyone actually thought that all Americans were rich and the streets were paved in gold. They drove me crazy with that and constantly asking me questions about America.

Another downside was they thought I would be the best in all sports since I was American. Their national sport is soccer and I wasn't that good. Never played until we lived there.

They also assumed I would get straight A's but they were ahead of us Americans in their school system. It took awhile to catch up. When I got back to states and tooks some tests they told me Icould skip mysenior year in high school and the first year of college. But I wanted to graduate HS with my friends.

Some of the best Chinese and Indian doctors in the world come from Malaysia. To this day we will only see mostly Indian doctors here.


It's funny watching all these people being forced inside to actually be together now and driving each other insane. Maybe humans really are meant to be alone after all.