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    How can workers whether they are part-timer or full timers address the issue that management is constantly stealing time; for example, a worker works from 11:30pm and swipes in at 11:29 pm leaves the hub at 4:00 am and swipes out. Full time supervisors adjust this time to reflect 3:50 am, and then he has a problem adjusting this adjusted time to 4:00 am. Bear in mind, that the union shop steward is constantly back and forth with mangement on this issue that is now becoming a problem.
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    You keep a notebook and make them print out you timecard. Then, file a grievance based on the time stolen. You could file a claim the the Dept of Labor, too. I had a horrible problem with this at my center. A double time grievance and a visit from the BrooKlawn manager and labor manager got my local management in line. It is a crime. The SEC would not like finding out they are doing this.
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    It sounds as though the steward needs to get the BA involved in this issue. 10 minutes may not seem like much but it is 50 minutes a week, 200 minutes a month.

    Full timers have the advantage of managing their own punch out times through the DIAD.
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    Thank you both very much for your helpful responses. : )
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    My old center manager was demoted for stealing time from FT'ers, too. He even deleted a guy's time card and paid the guy with his own sick day. When caught, he tried to pay the guy out of pocket. I met Mike S. about 3 weeks later when he walked center manager out of the building with his box of belongings in his hands. OMS's were crying. I didn't know what was going on until after it was over.

    Don't play with the pay!!
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    [SUP]I am not the only employee with this issue, the shop steward is constanly in my area with complaints from other employees, management is aware that this supervisor is always docking employee's time, I will inform them that we need to collect our time sheets and plead the grievances so that it is documented, then take further actions from there. [/SUP]