Management Melting Down

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  1. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    Our Ops managers all appear to be having nervous breakdowns, not talking to each other, making major mistakes and almost looking like they are trying to hide under their desks.

    How are your managers doing?

    I assume they have been told a little something....
  2. Mr. 7

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    I can tell when my manager is on or off his or her "happy pills". And, I mean serious narcotics, not a joke.


  4. MrFedEx

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    I think this is happening everywhere. Same for my managers, although that's fairly normal (being screwed-up).
  5. bbsam

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    What's wrong with them?
  6. Ricochet1a

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    Express is undergoing a "stealth" elimination of operations managers (this is COMPLETELY unannounced, outside the reductions coming next month in Memphis). What they are doing, is determining if a station can do without one of its managers (using some arcane criteria of employee turnover, service failures, etc.) to see if they can eliminate a manager from some of the larger stations.

    What they are then doing, is trying to get a wage employee to run the PM side (quasi Team Leader), and have the other station managers alternate being on call, or for the largest stations, have just one ops manager present on site (if two or more are present currently in the PM).

    The managers who are deemed "redundant" are then forceably relocated (or should they refuse, they are considered to have voluntarily quit), to locations where there has been an open position for a long period, which has experienced service failures and other issues which require a more "intensive" management presence (things not generally going too well).

    From what I've heard, these managers ARE NOT given any sort of relocation compensation if the station they are relocated to is within a certain distance. There are a few who are contesting what is going on, at least trying to get Express to pay for relocation (moving expense, expense in selling and purchasing a new home, etc.). It doesn't look like they will have much success.

    There is a "hidden" agenda to get some of these "displaced" managers to just quit. It does appear that the goal of Express is to increade the "span of control" of its managers (having a single manager with more employees under them), all in order to trim expense in that category.

    If your station managers are on "egg shells", this is most likely the reason. Usually the announced "cut" is made right after an audit (where presumably they make the decision if the station can do with one fewer manager).

    This is completely unannounced, it is being done on a case-by-case basis, to trim managers where ever possible, and squeeze even more out of those remaining.
  7. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    Makes sense to me......
  8. vantexan

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    Looking at JCATS over the last year I saw several swing drivers posted who were required to be haz, international, imaging trained and were responsible for running the reload. One was even to be over the Saturday operation. Those were just the ones I was interested in, probably many more.
  9. westin

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    Dudes, My Ups manager is in like another world. Responsible for over 70 drivers and in charge of running a sort operation of who knows how many other part timers. I see him shaking his head while listening to the constant conference calls looking like he just got fisted. You try and talk to him and he looks at you like your an alien. I come in, work 11-12 hrs 5 days a week and never hear a word unless some other driver needs help. Its eerie, we're so over managed but he is too, so now we seem under managed cause he cant seem to get his head off his desk.
  10. Cactus

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    Do their SFA scores have any bearing on this?
  11. CJinx

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    Quite the opposite actually. I was amazed to get a written response in the form of email from my manager regarding clarification of a policy they instituted. Normally they just track me down and talk in person as opposed to creating a paper trail.
  12. Ricochet1a

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    Supposedly, no.

    However... from what I was told, the managers who are being displaced haven't done too well on the SFA. I think this may be coincidental.

    However... (again), it does appear that the Senior Manager does have significant input into whether or not a particular ops manager is to be made redundant. The ops managers who are displaced AREN'T necessarily put into another station run by the same senior manager (where a particular senior is over multiple stations). They are merely placed into a station that has had a vacancy, or a rash of difficulties. In otherwords, these displaced managers are being placed into stations with serious problems.

    It was suggested to me, that the seniors were made aware (either from district or regional level) of the need to "ax" a couple or so ops managers (in the stations they oversee), do have a rather significant role to play in determining who exactly gets axed. Seniority DOES play a role (the lowest seniority manager gets displaced).

    This would explain why the ops managers are being very paranoid (especially the low seniority manager at a particular station). I haven't been given specific numbers of how many ops managers DGO is looking to get rid of, but a number between 200 and 300 nationwide was floated out. The larger the station, the greater the probability that not just 1, but possibly 2 ops managers may be cut.

    The remaining managers are going to be expected to take up the work load with no additional assistance from wage employees (their hours are to be held back). So no SAA or CSA acting as a quasi assistant manager to take up the slack from the cut manager. This means that the workload of the remaining managers will increase - with no increase in compensation.

    This is all part of the "new normal" (what happens in companies that experience downsizing) and those who don't want to play ball will have to either choose to leave or bid on a non-management position. Since Express is looking to ax the salaried support staff, there aren't going to be many positions to transfer into for those who don't like the changes.

    NOT coincidentally, the management training program was more or less "gutted" (I don't think they replaced ASPIRE when it "expired" earlier this year). Those who are looking to get into management positions (in Express), are more or less being told (not openly), to apply for positions in Ground - they have plenty of openings for front line managers who have experience in running a package pickup and delivery sort operation. From what I understand, Express Dispatchers and Couriers who apply and get accepted into Ground positions (as Dispatchers or mangers) are able to keep their hire date for seniority purposes.

    Nothing to see here.... nothing happening at all.
  13. check6ii

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    SFA is a thing of the past.....its lip service to "show how much fredex cares" about how couriers feel. SFA has no bearing on anything-


    If they do, then there are 3 or 4 managers at my station with bullseyes on their backs. At last, the shoe is on the other foot!....or hand...dang it.
  15. whenIgetthere

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    We have one manager who posted his SFA on the bulletin board because he got a 95! I'm not in his work group, but I can't see how any manager can 'earn' that score. I skipped it again, but my manager got dinged pretty bad by those who did take it.


    My current one got, supposedly, one of the lowest ever recorded in our district, but you'd never know that by the way he acts. Funny thing is, my station has several of the lowest scoring managers....makes you wonder who they know or who they b___?
  17. Goldilocks

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    Now I know where you work!
  18. Goldilocks

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    Hmmm, I need some popcorn. This should be fun to watch....
  19. bbsam

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    Oh, those managers are in for a rude awakening when they try to speak to a contractor like an employee. Pass the popcorn.
  20. MrFedEx

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    You and I spoke privately about this recently, and I'm glad you posted this. I'm unaware of a stealth "kill" program, but they have managed to get rid of several managers in my district recently. This may be part of it. As far as the "Ops Lead" goes, I've heard that they can't find anyone locally willing to do it. Apparently, even the Purple People know this is a losing proposition, probably because they know the grief they're going to get from hourlies who:
    A. Have no respect for them or their "authority".

    B. Are going to take out their unhappiness on them (the Lead). And the unhappiness level is going to ratchet way-up when the announcements are finally made about what they're doing, IF such an announcement creates even more Draconian levels of hours cuts and general oppression and misery.

    If I were an Ops Manager, I'd be looking really hard for another job right now, even if I knew I was going to be retained. It's already a thankless position, and having a station full of couriers who would like to run you over isn't much of an incentive to stay at FedEx. Neither is the increased level of responsibility.

    God, what a great company.