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  1. cello99camaro

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    Does anyone actually know how much FT Specialists and FT Supervisors make?? all I hear is rumors no facts.
  2. soberups

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    Its a secret. They could tell you, but then they would have to kill you.
  3. drewed

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    i imagine it varies at much as the pt sups do (based on local) which can vary 10-20%
  4. atatbl

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    Welcome cello99camaro,

    You came to the right place. Here at the interwebs, more specifically browncafe, we do not post rumors. That is a bannable offense. You will only read truth here. The pay for specialists is $35,400/year. No exceptions. The starting pay for FT sups (in an operation) is $83,757/year. Again, absolutely no exceptions. FT operational sups get the "Most Important People" (MIP) payout at the end of the year. This takes the form of stock. This number fluctuates year to year. It can be anywhere between $22,400-$22,445/ year. As you probably guessed, no exceptions.

    If you want to start at the bottom, PT sups make $41,878/year. This number was formulated in 1987 by simply dividing the starting salary of a FT by two. This is because a PT sup does exactly half the work of a FT sup. No exceptions. Hope that helps.

    If you see people disagree with this in later postings, rest assured they are spreading propoganda and their IPs will be traced. Then the "jackals" (hired mercenaries that are usually hired by the CIA, but in this case UPS) from UPS corporate will track them down and ruin their credit for trying to hurt UPS.
  5. drewed

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    Tell me where there making all that money ata. Seriously I dont know any ft sup or pt sup making those amount (or anywhere close to)
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    drewed...remove your head from your butt...ITS ATA.

    ATA is King of tongue in cheek replies!
    And read my signature below ... it applies double for ATA.
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    Very risky Hoax. The jackal's home base is where you live.....
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    I never even liked Charles de Gaulle and I am definitely not a Socialist.
  9. beentheredonethat

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    There is no one number, the pay for supervisors is based on a couple of factors. Factor 1, the area of the country they live in. Higher cost areas like New York City and San Francisco for example have a higher pay range then in low cost areas of country. Factor 2, your pay grade. The supervisors have 4 pay grades, 11 - 14. The grade 14 is typical for the on road supvs. Staff supervisors (IE, HR etc) usually start at 11 or 12 and then eventually can move up towards a grade 14. The higher your grade, the higher your pay range. Factor 3, your performance, the performance of supvs helps to determine how large of a percentage raise they can get. In all cases there are ranges of pay for supervisors based on area, grade etc. Sorry for no actual information, but that's pretty much how it works.
  10. atatbl

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    Well played good sir, well played.
  11. some1else

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    i assume they get paid just enough more than ft driver to sucker people into taking the job :) im guessin around 80 for ft driver sup. i dont think anyone that actually knows will say.
  12. drewed

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    actually from what i hear....most on roads take a pay cut to go sup...
  13. some1else

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    lol no wonder they look so miserable.
  14. Monkey Butt

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    The MIP makes up for that...that's too funny!

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  15. Brown287

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    Well I would be willing to bet that they are paid crap. Consider the fact that their pay is such a secret, Im sure if it was something to brag about they would. Second with the health care conrtribution they have and the fact that UPS recentyly changed the rules regarding management saleing their stocks, and then the fact that they have an increasingly hard time getting people to go into management and finally in my experience out of 5 freind that went into management 3 have quit 1 got a transfer to Texas(cheaper cost of living) and the fith is just a unhappy sole. Also 2 of the 3 that quit had actually made it to center manager's, so apperently their pay sucked also.
  16. New Englander

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    I was told going from a driver to on/road they would take my yearly salary and add 10% to it.

    Thats honestly the best route to go into it. PT to FT supes start at less usually.
  17. tieguy

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    My god you're more miserable as a full time sup then I ever was. Good thing you never actually took the job.:happy-very:
  18. evilleace

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    I heard that the stress level at center manager is why people quit
  19. browndude08

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    These numbers are completely false. Our starting salary is based on our years of service, experience and what we were making before promotion. MIP is a bonus that changes year to year. The higher up you are the more you get with specialists getting none and FT sups getting a little.
  20. govols019

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