Media Silent As Michigan Milita Found Innocent

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Because the media is always silent on a non-story. I remember when Clinton left the White House and there were wild rumors that they trashed the place and how the "adults" of the republican party had arrived to clean up the mess. Literally trashed the White House! Of course it was all BS, but the retraction story is something few people ever heard.
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    Simple white trash with guns and a lack of education. As long as they gather in the hills of bum fluck no place, im cool with them spouting any hatred they want, but once they enter the mainstream, i hope they all get their beloved armed conflict and die like cowards in fatigues.



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    Don't be to judgmental about this group, someday they maybe the only protection you'll have from The New Black Panther Party.
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    So, either all white trash have guns or all gun owners are white trash? And I'm the stupid old bigot with no brains where everything goes over my head?? Yeah, right!
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    Umm, if you live your life in fatigues talking about armed conflict with your goverment everyday and recruting other non thinkers to join your cause and live their lives in fatigues, then I think that qualifies that group of individuals as White Trash.

    Pretty clear.

    Fortunately, its all talk and the group, made up of cowards should be labeled a "terrorist group" and unfortunately a "judge" decided to take matters into her own hands rather than send the case to the jury.

    Who knows, she was probably a Reagan, Bush appointee.



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    Then again, could there be another reason why the gov't made this rag-tag bunch into a nefarious threat and the media help spread that message? And why once the truth came out, so little was fed back to the public to dispel the earlier propaganda used to drive manufactured consent? Same is true of bin Laden and the whole Al Qaeda thingy once you really dig deep into it and you don't have to go far either!

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    Its widely believed these days that the group of people that are the biggest threat to our safety as a society are the members of the blood thirsty, murderous religion of Islam. We have shyed away from our rights as a free people to allow the government to supposedly protect us from this group of violent extremists. There are some in the government and the media that aren't happy with this outcome, and they desire a larger, irrational fear of groups of people who pose no threat to society as a whole in hopes that we shed even more of our rights in the name of safety. This was such a case where the government found a group of white christians who had formed as a militia of some sort and decided this was an excellent opportunity to make Christians look just as violent as Muslims despite the fact that this isn't true. Thankfully a judge was able to make a sound decision based on the merits of the case rather than the witch hunt the government was undertaking. When this story broke it was all over the news with every media outlet covering it extensively, but now that its been proven all the hoopla was undeserved it will get lucky to get a 10 second slot in the national news. Very typical of our agenda driven government and national media.