Metro Drivers * Beware

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    Just a heads up if you work in the :censored2:. You got a new center manager from what I hear, and he came from :censored2:? Just be careful, do everything by the book and then some! Don't ever disagree with him or you will be on his list and be targeted. You will end up in a bad situation just like I did in only one year. I don't want to get into the details as it's a long story but just trust me on this one. Do you know any drivers in :censored2:? Just ask them.
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    What was his name shoes?
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    Do things by the book and file dozens of grievances for everything!!!!!! that's how you take care of a new manager
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    Just give the initials in pig Latin and ups will never figure it out
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    I spell out problems every day to management and they still fail to get it, no need for Latin.