Mike Eskew only 1.2 million per year?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Fnix, Aug 17, 2007.

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    That's what I say!! Poor guy only makes a mil?? Here Mike, take what I got in my pocket, it's only a few 20's but you could get some gas for your gas guzzling SUV...
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    I'll say what they always say to us:

    No one is forcing Mike to work here. No ones holding a gun to his head to make him stay. If he's not making enough money, he knows where the door is. Don't let it hit ya in the a** on the way out.
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    Actually, he has nowhere to go. Queue up the dream sequence music......................................................

    New Job Interviewer: "So, Mike, how high did the stock price get while you were in charge at your last company?'"

    Mike: "uhhhh...welllll......"
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    Thats one job that can be eliminated and cover the expenses of putting in all the routes on a daily basis in the best interests of serving the customers!
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    Hey, you get what you pay for.
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    i didnt look at the article but does it show the stock options he exercised?? im pretty sure thats way more than just his 1.2million salary. If you look at many of the fortune 500 companies, the CEO's have low salaries but total compensation is probably 5-10 times that amount per year. Regardless, his compensation is low compared to others in the transports...
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    Maybe Eskew can refund $1 from his paycheck and options to each customer whose package gets misloaded and ultimately missed. :thumbup1:
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    Oh no, the head of the corporation only gets 1.2 mil a year, whatever shall we do.
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    We as class A shareholders should vote this clown out. We can pool are voting shares together and tell are union to go to the election meeting and vote him out!! Am I wrong? There is a wording for it I just cant think of it right now.
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    Lets see now, what does Hoffa make a year? Seems we really work for him don't we?
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    In my opinion, he needs to go. And it doesn't have anything to do with his salary.

    The company needs to throttle back on the IE mindset and get back to giving service to the people that actually make this company viable. I believe that would be the customer.

    They've gone from "servicing the customer" to "servicing the shareholder". That's not a formula for long term success.

    As far as salaries for CEOs, none of them are worth what they get (with the possible exception of Warren Buffett). But when you have the board of directors determining your compensation and these boards are made up predominately of CEOs from other companies, I think you get the picture. "Hey...I'll vote you a raise, then you can vote me one." These are the people the shareholders should be furious with. Especially when things aren't going well. JMO
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    I pulled this from the Chicago area Teamsters....
    You have 3 officials that make well over a million (and that is just Chicago).
    Now you know where your dues are going!:w00t::w00t:

    The top Teamster official makes more than any other official in the Chicago area at over $600K plus! This was back in 2003!!!!

    Check out the website - I know you are looking to refute the info.


    I would like to see someone else steering the company but the UPS CEO makes peanuts compared to other CEOs in the same category. In fact there are not many CEOs in this category.

    Let's remember that UPS is the largest shipping company in the world with over 400K plus employees and if we shut down tomorrow would send the economy spinning. Those are the numbers you use to compare what the UPS CEO should be getting in salary.
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    Lifer i see you still bleed brown even well into retirement. I have never agreed to multiple salaries for our teamster officials just for your information. However you are pulling up 3 and 4 year old info from a site that hasnt had any new messages in several years. The only union people i saw that made over a million were gene upshaw who represents the nfl players and don fehr who runs the mlb players union. Now please correct me if im wrong but i dont believe that we have any ptimers or ftimers paying dues to either one of these unions! Now when you speak of frank zsol i was never a big fan on him, but you as a ups manager should love the guy, the local he represents was the only local not to go on strike in 97. Also frank is no longer with the teamsters and that local is now ran by Pat Flynn.
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  16. If what he's been doing is called "servicing the shareholder," he hasn't even found the formula for short term success. A flat stock price since 11/10/99 isn't what I'd call servicing the shareholder.
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    I forget who said it before, but you do indeed get what you pay for. I don't think there's anything "wrong" about his salary...or Richard Fairbanks' (Capital One financial) total comp last year of $249m.

    CEOs need to display leadership. UPS manages by committee. It's not just Mike Eskew that's the problem. It's the idea of the "management committee" being comprised of people that have been brought up through the operations (with the exception of a few like Davis, McClure, and perhaps others I can't recall at the moment).

    What sort of creativity and strategic vision can possibly come out of that kind of mindset? If the CEO had a stronger, more dominating personality, perhaps (s)he could push a vision through that isn't a nebulous blob of hollow words that were created by the communications group rather than from the thoughtful consideration of the company's leader(s).

    I'm sure Mike's counting down to the 100 year celebration and will announce retirement so he can enjoy his millions...and good for him. Anyone who can play the game at Big Brown, make it to the top and parachute out deserves some credit.
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    "but how do they sleep at night?"

    Perhaps you missed the salary part, Trick.
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    Eskew is also on the Boards of the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Michigan Trucking Industry Program, SciTrek, 3M Corporation and IBM. He’s a member of the Business Roundtable and was until recently the Chairman of the U.S.-China Business Council.

    Considering his UPS bonuses and stock and the salaries and stock from the above named companies, his UPS salary is most likely pocket change.. :yawn: