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    Hi all. I was wondering what the minimum number of hours or days we are required to work per month to receive our health insurance benefits? I am in the Western region if that makes a difference.

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    From what I understand you only need 1 min. a year. We had a driver who had a side business and was coincidentally on disability for 9 years. The first year of not working was coming up and he got a notice that his insurance was going to be cut off. He called h.r. and asked the question you are asking. H.r. responded 1 min. and you will be covered for another year. He proceeded to come in for 1 day a year and did this for 9 years until his side co. folded. This was in the western region.
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    I suppose it's possible but the National Master Contract says . . .

    Section 1. Health & Welfare and Pension Provisions
    (j) Long-Term Disability [Seniority Full-timers only]
    (7) Any employee receiving LTD benefits pursuant to this Plan shall be entitled to receive health care coverage in accordance with the SPD for up to twelve (12) months only.
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    Not to mention, you only get health coverage for one year per injury. If are in and out of work because of the one injury, eventually the year will catch up with you. Cobra is only good for 15 months additional, at $277 a month.
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    Minimum hours here for PT insurance is 17.5 hours per week. This was part of the Jan 2011 overhaul of the health and pension plan. Air hub workers is less. I think it was 11.5 of 13.5, but I am not sure. this is NYS.
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    I work in an air hub. You get credit for 4 hours toward insurance and pension every time you show up and punch in. You may only work 1.5 hours on a low volume night but you get 4 hours credit. I work an average of 12 hours a week, I get 20 hours credit toward insurance.
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    I believe New England is the same. Part-timers get four hours just for punching in, (but I've never seen this in writing.)
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    Every plan is different. Check your Summary Plan Description (SPD). My plan requires 225 hours per quarter for inferior part-time coverage, and 400 for regular full-time coverage.
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    Short-term Disability is 26 weeks. Long-term is an additional five years maximum. You probably have to be very closely related to the principal officer of the local to get nine years.

    Normally, when the HR representative says, "one minute," it just means they are putting you on hold, not extending your coverage for a year!!!
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    I've never heard anything about getting four hours just for punching in. It is 225 hours per quarter, which unfortunately screws me. I'm into my fourth month and we can easily pull 5+ hours a night, and haven't seen a sniff of benefits yet.

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    I am in New England . . . we need 500 hrs. every 6 months.
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    I'm in New England as well and that doesn't sound right. 500 hours every 6 months comes to 83.33 per month. Over four weeks per month, 20.83 per week or 4.17 per day. So if you work just your four hour shift every time, you wouldn't qualify for benefits. 225 per quarter would make 450 per six months.

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    . . . or you could look at it this way. There are 26 weeks in a 6 month period. . . . 5 days per week. 26 x 5 =130 work days.
    130 days x 4 hrs = 520 hrs.
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    Where I am for FT I believe you have to work 150 or 160 Hrs for 1 month than you are good for the next 6 months. It got to be about half for PT. Some months have 5 weeks so it isn't to hard to unless your always calling in or going home early.