Minor Back pains starting

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    So I’ve been with UPS for a month Sunday (get seniority) . It hasn’t been going to bad at all tbh a little hectic ,around peak (3200 scans yesterday)but nothing too major . But I’ve been having some back pains and I’m sure I’m not alone . Just wondering if there’s something you guys do to manage speed and proper lifting form ? Any advice helps was thinking about getting a brace but it seems I’d constantly have to adjust it idk
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    After you gain seniority go out on comp

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    Whats comp.
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    Choose bottom position .
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    Easy money got his attention
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    Taurine has helped many drivers i work with. Its often been called an amino acid. It's really cheap and it's really good for you. You can do your own research on YouTube or Google. I would strongly recommend Trying Taurine for Sore back or muscles. Good for eyesight, liver heart high blood Pressure and other things. Four of my co-workers saw relief in one day of taking it. For me it took months before my muscles in my back got better.
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    Reminds me of one of my old pick up accounts. It was a health food/herb/vitamin/ "natural living" store. The dude who ran it was constantly sick.
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    I know this is an old post, but for anyone else reading this:

    My back always flares up whenever I get lazy and start lifting without bending my knees enough. A week of proper lifting (keeping that back straight) usually gets me feeling better. Most people I know at work are the same. If their backs hurt, it's usually from improper lifting. Really flex your abs when lifting and keep that back straight. It makes you work your legs much more, but worth it for the back.
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    What if your knees are more :censored2:ed up than your back?
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    Then you're screwed. But your back is still more important than your knees long term.