1. B

    Transferring from one facility to another?

    Hi, new to this site and a pretty new UPS employee. I was just wondering how I would go about transferring to another facility. I was informed that the best way to get a transfer would be through my education. I do plan on enrolling in a school this fall in another state and wanted some more...
  2. 1-800-CRYING

    Is signing for a SALT a serious demeanor? (PT Loader)

    (In case you don't want to read the long paragraph) In Short: Is signing a Service Test for a misloaded SALT normal? I have a hard time with confronting authority figures but in the future should I try to avoid signing, can refusing get me fired? Or is it not serious enough to begin with and...
  3. MarvelousMunata

    What do the drivers like??

    Do the drivers care how the preloader sets up their truck?? What are some preferences? Supervisors keep telling us to just get everything in, doesnt matter how. But I dont wana set my drivers' day up to be *ty. Today I was complimented by one of my drivers for how I load his truck, he said...
  4. R

    Backs shot SOS

    Long story short my backs *ed mate. Love the job and environment get along well with everyone don’t wanna lose it . Actually enjoy the workout I get . But yeah I’m not sure how bad but my back is in some solid pain ... can I miss during peak to try and heal ? Workman’s comp is out of play...
  5. R

    Minor Back pains starting

    So I’ve been with UPS for a month Sunday (get seniority) . It hasn’t been going to bad at all tbh a little hectic ,around peak (3200 scans yesterday)but nothing too major . But I’ve been having some back pains and I’m sure I’m not alone . Just wondering if there’s something you guys do to manage...
  6. sleepnowinfire

    The belt with. ..

    never-ending misorts... the trailers that take the in city delivery packages never seems to fail at giving misorts. 1 out of every six is a misort, 1 out of 10 is an intercept.
  7. U

    Tips/Advice for a new loader?

    This is about my third week at ups, 2 weeks without a trainer. Now everyday I have 2 trucks at a time and one has heavy flow, one has medium flow. My timing is way better than I first started with scanning and placing at a quick pace. But even then sometimes I get overwhelmed when I’m a bit...
  8. ClassicFumbles

    Are sorters required to load?

    I have been with UPS for 2 years now. I consider myself to be a good employee. I always come to work with a good attitude and work ethic. I worked as a package handler for a while, stayed in one area in the outbounds the whole time. Very seldom on a crappy night, we’d have to go help out another...
  9. DoPushUPS

    Can a PT AM Loader sign a TDC sheet?

    I was a driver helper with one of the highest seniority drivers. He put in a good word for me and I accepted an offer for pre load. He knows I want to drive, and said he's still putting in a good word for me. He also told me no one is signing the sheets for driving jobs. I don't have my 30 days...
  10. B

    Is there a difference between a package handler and a loader/unloaded?

    Is there a difference between a package handler and a loader/unloaded?
  11. P

    Fastest Loader in the World

    These are my numbers. I'm the fastest guy at my hub by about 1000 packages. Does anyone know someone faster?
  12. E

    What to do? What to do?

    My ex is a PT Hub Supervisor in West Columbia, SC. He got the job because I took the test for him. I reported it, but apparently they are just taking his word, instead of testing him again. Any idea where I might report this? I know how much you loaders hate the PT Sups anyway....
  13. B

    preload not making drivers job any easier.

    I think it's really a shame how preload supervisors do not care AT ALL about what happens to the driver after dispatch so long as their own production numbers are hitting the mark. Ive worked on the preload a very long time and have noticed a steady decrease in the standards that the people...
  14. Pink Jazz

    What do the colors on UPS packages mean?

    I was wondering, is there any particular meaning of the colors on UPS packages? I know there is the shipping label and an additional label with a color name printed on it. I don't seem to notice any consistency, however, it seems that Next Day Airs usually have Red as the color and 2nd Day...
  15. B

    What's in your tote every morning? ("On Topic")

    I tote next day air, smallest smalls, and air envelopes. I always tote people's medicines. Especially the envelopes half the size of a dollar bill. Anything the size of a softball or smaller, really. With smart scan, it's easier than ever to see the service type on the label. For drivers: What...
  16. over9five

    Who Is Working Tomorrow 12/10 (Sunday)?

    I am! Can't wait, wish they'd raise it to 80/8!
  17. B

    I hope UPS is learning from this

    Tomorrow, well tonight actually, a crew of us are going in for 6th punch. About half as many drivers on route but 25% of today's pieces. It'll be easy to smash out. So instead of hiring seasonals who stay and are worth it, they're giving us "special pay" of $12.50, which will be sixth punch...
  18. B

    Can ups fire me if I accidentally leave a trailer door open as it leaves the bay door? - On topic

    Can ups fire me if I accidentally leave a trailer door open as it leaves the bay door?
  19. Wally

    The Official Preload Bashing Thread

    Outstanding effort preload, the way you loaded that 140 pound furniture box label down. You could have marked it with that crayon of yours, but you chose not to! Bravo!
  20. W

    You might hear about me on the news next week...

    I'm finally going to driver training, starting next week. I know most of you know about my car accident a few months back, I drove my car into ditch whilst trying to kill a spider (yes, really). So to be fair, I may be on the news. Look for a headline from WA state involving a trainee plowing...