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  1. This is to any other preloader or management on a preload shift. What is your acceptable rate of misload frequencies? Ours recently got bumped to 1/2000 and I was wondering if this was nationwide or out lovely region/districts usual brilliance. They bump it up around here by 500 every year, when we got PAS it was 1/1000.
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    At my center which uses PAS it's 1/1000 but you know the daily "we need zero" PCM.
  3. How long have you been on PAS (if you know) if you don't mind me asking?
  4. KBlakk

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    I started with the company in Nov. 05 and they were already on PAS but from talking with my senior co workers it wasn't there too long before that.
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    1/750 in DC
  6. pretzel_man

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    I'm aware of buildings that set and achieved targets of about 1 in 1400.

  7. we were 1/1500 and we were hitting it, probably why they bumped it up (the harder you work the more they want, nothing new)...I have a feeling we'll be at this one for a while haha.
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    Seems like 1 in 1500 is pretty good...

    That's about 1 misload per driver per week (on average). I would think drivers here would be happy with that.

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    Just a little friendly advice, improve in increments, don't worry about the 1/2000. As long as improvements are being made, our customers will receive more of their packages on time, guaranteed service refunds will be reduced, and customers will be more satisfied with UPS time in transit commitments.

    It's all about the UPS brand and customer loyalty. As we all know our competitors want our packages and we want theirs. Why not be the carrier than can do both - get our competitors packages and increase customer loyalty.

    It's a tough world out there right now, both economically and competitively.

    No doubt in my mind, you can make it happen!!

    Good luck
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    I personally think a better effort should be made on meeting commit times throughout the operation, at my center some days air wont arrive till 8am with drivers start scheduled for 8:30am and will contain EAMs with an 8:30am commit time leaving it almost impossible to make unless the stop is at the corner, so that now adds another stop to a route driver(if the air driver has already left) which slows down his/her NDA commits. the negative domino affect is how customers are lost. Effort+Will to change what doesn't work=Productivity and productivity is what leads to customer satisfaction.:peaceful:
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    Or not putting so much in a truck that you have to bring them back missed, even though the packages are on the right truck.:biting:
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    productivity in these discussions is often the dirty word but remember that productivity is what keeps the cost to the customer down. The customer is not only concerned about service but also the cost. This is why the post office and DHL keep their foot in the door.
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    I don't disagree with most of what has been said here, but lets be realistic, just for once. The higher Archy in UP$ is truly only concerned with todays stock price. All the rhetoric about commitment to the customer, keeping our reputation excellent, blah blah blah are simply catch phrases to keep mid management down to the newest hire humping it to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars income. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that giving our customers what they pay for (and sometimes more) is very important but the commitment is placed on us, we have to fix what the big boys up stairs eff up. The air operation is a joke, PAS doesn't work as designed and new service enhancements are unrealistic, but let not a driver criticize any of them in the ear shot of anyone higher than an OCS. The inside of Jim Casey's coffin must look like a turnstile at Grand Central Station from all the turning.
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    We start at 9:15, IF the air is at the building by 9:00 it;s considered "on time".
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    Now if the work arrives 15 mins before start I'm almost positive safety procedures have to be violated to even think of getting out on time walking has to be out of the question.:greedy:

  16. shhhhhhhhh we don't have any room for that truth business here :wink2:

    when safety is our attitude turns into lets hope nothing happens
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    It's all fun and games til someones loses an eye... Then its your fired!(for working as directed):whiteflag:
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    one / 2500 here, no lie !!
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    My preloader misloads about 1/50.. God he's a piece of crap
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    " God he's a piece of crap"

    LOL! Not very PC. I'm sure you meant, "he's in need of additional training"!!!!!!