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  1. rainmaker099

    rainmaker099 rainmaker099

    can you get fired for misloads
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    Probably not, but if is a threat to your job why wouldn't you correct it? It's not rocket science. Misloads cause 1) extra work for the driver or, 2) service failures. IMO, a consistent problem is inexcusable.
  3. rainmaker099

    rainmaker099 rainmaker099

    just asking i gave 1 a week and load 4 trucks
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    Then you are one of the good ones. Good job.
  5. you get 1 a week? you'd be one of the best loaders in our center...if they're giving you a hard time just shrug it off. They used to harass me when I was a loader. I'd go 3 months without a misload and then I might have 1 or 2 one day and my god you'd think it was the end of the world. Nevermind I didn't have any 3 months prior, YOU HAD TWO!!!! ARGH YOU'RE GETTING A LETTER. I quickly responded, what about the IE guy that had 7 in one car? Was he fired for sabotaging the company?? You've just got to know the game they play. Doom and gloom is the thing with a lot of managers at UPS (not all). Its rarely as bad as they make it seem.

    What I was told when I was a loader, is that if you're getting misloads (like 1 or more a day) slow down and concentrate. However this doesn't seem to be the case with you. They CAN fire you for misloading, but only in extreme cases, but you can't be fired for your load rate but they can move you to a different area in your building. There are no specified load rates (despite what your management team may tell you) in the contract. The MAR or whatever they call it (some places its MSD) means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme concerning your continued employment. I wouldn't spout this off to your supe if you're a new hire, but if you've got seniority you've got nothing to worry about.
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    I know some guys that make 1 an hour 1 a week man you should be training loaders with that stat atleast this day in age with the company's many innovations:peaceful:
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    Where in the contract does it state this?
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    It does not say this in the contract, but they would use progresive discipline as to maybe "Failure to Follow Instructions". Like westsideworma stated, this is in extreme cases. If a person continues to make the same extreme mistakes, then progressive discipline will take place. 1 per week? Give me a break. You do not have a problem. Slow down and make sure you are doing the job correctly if that is what it takes.
  9. I'm not sure, I only say can because it happened in my building while I was a loader and that was the reason. Sabotaging the company (what I was told) and failure to follow instructions as steeltoe said. I don't know exactly but these are terms that I heard when stating why he was terminated.
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    Want to move to Harrisburg. I could use you as my loader.
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    1 misload a week would warrant you "Preloader of the Month" in our building and you would receive a plaque and reserved parking spot.

    Seriously, that is a great frequency and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I would issue myself a personal challenge of lowering that to zero. My loader is the best in the building and he is at about the same frequency, depending on what kind of weekend he had.
  12. rainmaker099

    rainmaker099 rainmaker099

    been loading for a year and my drivers love my loads .I got warning letter and 1 day sus letter grev. them both thanks for the feedback
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    You received a warning letter and a 1 day suspension for a misload frequency of 1 pkg per week? Wow. Yes, I would also grieve to have those items removed from your file as that misload frequency for loading 4 pkg cars is great. What does that work out too, about 1 per 1200 or so?
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    Wow, I guess my loader will be facing the death penalty+500 years.
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    Yes--- you can also get fired for looking cross eyed. The good news is you will get your job back. To make a long story short--- it don't have to be a fireable offense to get fired at UPS. To them it's just another form of harrasment and another way to keeps the troops in line. They should be giving you an award -- not harrasing you:peaceful:
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  16. WHOA you already had a warning letter? For one misload a week? Thats ridiculous, you should file on that. If they did that here almost all our loaders would be fired by now. On my line 1 misload a week would be about 1/4500-6000 (or more depending on the pickoff of course) for a loader. Thats BS you got reprimanded for such a ratio.
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    Sounds to me like someone has it out for you.

  18. I've known it to happen for people who loaded bad bag after bad bag but one a week isn't bad but it should be corrected.
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    I do not think you can get fired for an occasional misload, any more than we can get fired for an occasional mis delivery. As long as we are human, we can make mistakes. But in our case they will try to make us pay if it cannot be recovered.......................
    it should be documented if its a consistent problem, misload or misdelivery.
    We were told someone in our center had 225 mis deliveries in a year. Hes still there, dont yell at me for one. That was my answer.