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  1. face

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    i was given a 3day suspention for a misload about 2 months ago. i filed a grievance on it because i didnt recieve a warning letter. yesterday i was given a termination for another misload. my question is can i be terminated without my grievance being settled?
  2. atatbl

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    From what you've said, it is being dealt with under "innocent until proven guilty" circumstances. Therefore, you can be given a termination letter but it will be a "working termination" until the grievance is heard (assuming you grieve the termination). I am assuming that you are wondering if you will still be allowed to work and earn a paycheck/benefits even if they term you under these circumstances? Yes, you will.
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    You'll probably be allowed back, unless you haven't even been there for 60 days. Then I'm not sure the union's going to help you out too much if you've been getting alot of misloads. When you return slow down and take a few seconds to read the damn package. They're not going to fire you for production but it's 10x easier to fire you for misloading.
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    Are you a preloader or a hub loader?? Do you load package cars or trailers?
  5. UnsurePost

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    how many misloads have you had since the 3 day suspension and yesterday? what area? what misload frequency, since?
  6. face

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    i work small sort on the local sort. i have had 2 misloads in the past 4 months
  7. grgrcr88

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    Sounds like you received a pending termination letter. That means that you will have a hearing with the company and the Union to decide what actual discipline will be handed out. You continue to work as if nothing happened until the hearing, which you should attend to defend yourself(or at least make it look like you give a darn about your job).

    You should be talking to your steward or bussiness agent to find out when and where the hearing will be(our local will send out a postcard telling people about the hearing and telling them to call the local hall to set up a best time period for you).

    Do not forget to grieve the term letter, you have only 10 days if not grieved you lose your job!!!
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    Also, find out from your Steward what the acceptable misload frequency is, so you'll know where you stand in relation to it.
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    I was wondering the same thing. If he is a preloader he can't stand guard over his 5 PCs until the drivers get there to make sure no one comes along and cut/add/split anything into his cars.

    I remember a thread by one of our chicago (you know, where they have a REAL union) BC members who seemed to think the company has to personally, physically observe the preloader misloading since the contract language says the company can't use electronic info to discipline an employee.

    I was a preloader in the late '70s. They tried to get me to sign the misload cards the drivers turned in everyday. I refused because I can't control what happens after I leave.

    They finally got the idea.
  10. grgrcr88

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    We have had many preloaders disciplined for misloads/frequency. There is a time stamp on the packages as to when the were unloaded, they have figured out how long it takes to get to the belt from the unload and will ask if anyone helped you before that time!
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    Just find some people who had have that many or more missloads who have not been fired. UPS can't single you out.2 missloads in 4 months sounds pretty amazing. I had more than that a day back when I spent time in the small sort.

    They should move you to a different area if you are doing bad in small sort.
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    He had 2 missorts in 4 months but thay were whole bags!!!!!! J/K
  13. UnsurePost

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    I know you were joking, but I had 2 mistoggle bags and about 8 misloads in AUGUST onlhy , and did not recieve any written warnings or anything.

    Unless he only had 100 packages loaded in those 4 months, this sounds like obvious harrassment.
  14. face

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    yea it def. seems like harrassment when i know for a fact that other employees are not being disciplined the same. but i havent had a full time sup sign off on my suspention or termination so im not too worried about it! my rep told me not say anything uless they follow through whith it. because if they fire me for two misloads they will have to fire everyone on the sort.
  15. 8up

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    a preloader was having misloads every wednesday. he noticed that in the previous three weeks it was the same driver reporting the misloads and they were from same route each time. the preloader had the sup scan packages on both cars involved. come to find out that the driver reporting the misloads was taking them off the other driver's car so he would have an excuse to be off his area and while heading back from making the delivery having lunch with his girlfriend.
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    Face, It sounds like you are either not telling us the whole story or they are being incredibly unrealistic. In other words it sounds like they are having other problems with you beyond a misload here or there or they are desperate to get rid of people. Either or I feel bad for your situation.
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    How long have you been with UPS?