Miss loads (in-building location)

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    I was wondering on the supervisor sheet where it shows the daily plan like how much volume the building is getting and how much volume a certain belt is has and on the section where it shows where people have gotten miss loads occasionally it will have in building location on it what does that mean exactly?
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    You will likely have to ask a supervisor in your building. Not every building uses the same sheets. In the building I work in, there are multiple centers. Each center does things their own way. Most of those sheets are something someone in that center designed in Excel for themselves.

    Even simple things, like milage report sheets for drivers (name, route, planned miles, actual miles, reason for difference), are very different across centers.
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    Better yet. Who cares?
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    Sometimes it's fun to gather tidbits on how your building's particular brand of stupid came about. Gives you something to mull over while you idle waiting for the inbound to be repaired. Take the time to appreciate how each building is a unique snowflake of bad industrial design and lackluster management. A lot of work went into making it that way.
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  5. Box Ox

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    Miss loads and misloads are two entirely different things!
  6. DumbTruckDriver

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    You were fired five months ago.
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    I’ll try this again since it got deleted once

    Load box in wrong truck = misload

    How is this not pertinent to this thread

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  8. Future

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    Who the :censored2: deleted it?
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    Who knows
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    He has multiple threads.
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    I wouldn't worry about any of it. Worry about your job. You punch in you punch out. It's a given you're probably going to work the full shift. There is a definite end of the shift where you can walk out. If there are call outs the supes will fill in the gaps. If you get misloads you will be told. Too many misloads you will be given another job in the building. That's really it.