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    Hey guys my first post here. I've lurked for a while but decided to register today. I haven't been at ups very long but was wondering what routes there are to advance in the company. Right now I'm working preload packing the trucks. Right now I'm packing a speciality truck that I guess most preloaders can't do, I've talked to a few mgmt people in passing and they keep saying "keep doing this truck that well and you'll move up in no time". I'm just kinda confused what routes there are to advance, I know I could maybe do this for a while and put in a bid for PT pre load sup, but I think I would enjoy being a driver more as I believe they make more money. Right now I'm happy where I am I love the hard physically demanding work. Does anyone know how much PT sups make and don't they have to pay for their own insurance? Also, my friend is a driver and he says he makes like $32 an hour or something like that. Are all drivers paid the same or is it different by route? Thanks for the help.
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    all drivers make the same money and i guess the only way to advance is to go supervision if you call that advancement.
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    Advancement as a hourly is strictly by seniority. Top rate for a package car driver today is $29.65/hr so your friend was stretching the truth a bit. The time it would take you to become a package car driver depends upon a number of factors but the average wait is 5+ years. You will get your benefits after having worked here for a year. The decision as to whether to stay an hourly or go in to management is yours but I would talk to people on both sides before making that decision. The one question that you need to ask yourself is whether this is just a job or will this be your career. Good luck.
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    If your here just to put yourself through college than p/t sup might be right for you,if your here for a career than i would stay hourly.Their is more money in hourly than supervision,a p/t sup might bring home 1200 a month and i might be overshooting it.Their is more chance for advancement if you stay hourly,the paths for advancement get smaller if you go into management.drivers top out around $29 an hour,thats pretty good money but the bad news is it will take you at least 5 years to get a fulltime driver job.Everthing is done by senority if your an hourly,if your mangement they can do what they want with you.My advice is if your in school,STAY IN SCHOOL ,the job is hard on the body if your an hourly and hard on the bunghole if your can make good money at ups but you will be better off making good money doing something else,dont get stuck here, it doesnt take long, a few years you might have kids and be dependent on the medical insurance.So stay in school get a degree and get the hell out while you can.
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    Several good points in the previous posts. If you like what you are doing now, stay put. Wait about 6 mos before you decide if you would prefer management to hourly. Talk to both sides and ask the pro's and con's of the job. You really need to go through peak season before you make any decision. UPS is a good job, especially if you have a family to provide for, but the downside is you put in alot of hours and miss many events with kids. Then there is the stress put on all of us. A PT sup posiition is the most thankless job at brown in my opinion, but if you are going to college, its a great means to an end.
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    Wow! You sound awesome! If you can do a " speciality truck" and your supes are telling you that you can move up, than by-pass the lower jobs and apply ASAP to center manager or even a district manager job, that is where the REAL money is!! You inspire me!! :happy2:
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    Give the kid a break--we have all been young and clueless.
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    DON'T I REPEAT DON'T become a PT Sup unless you want a dead end job with UPS. Put in your time and wait to become a driver. Get a Union book and read it it has alot of info that will help you.
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    Management is the way to go if you if want to pay for your own benefits and give up having a pension. I'm pretty sure the overall compensation (including MIP) for a full time supervisor is less than that of a top rate driver. Manager is probably about even. Div manager level is where the cash start flowing.

    No OT, no pension, half of MIP is restricted. If you want , long term disability, vision, dental and decent health insurance plan on paying about 800 a month.

    It ain't like it used to be.
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    My on car makes more than I do and used his stock to put his kids through college and will use more to pay for his daughters (2) weddings.

    It is up to the OP to decide if this is just a job or if this is going to be his career. If this is just a job I would go PT sup--UPS looks good on a resume. If this is going to be your career you would be nuts to go in to mgt given the present mindset of the company.

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    Care to elaborate?
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    Throw out some numbers. Here's my estimate.

    Driver at 45 hrs week = 72,000
    Pension contribution @7.50 x 2080 hrs = 15,600
    Driver $87,600 - likely more

    7000 x 12 = 84000
    mip 2.0 x 7000 = 14000 7k restricted (best case)
    Sup 96,000
    - pension 15,600
    - health benes of approx 500 month to equal that of a driver 6000
    Sup net gross $74,700

    Manager add about 12k in salery and 16K in MIP for about $91,800 (16k restricted. Leave and it's lost. takes five years to get it)

    Overall compensatipon is pretty close. New sups and managers prob less. Old timers might make a little more.

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    $500 a month???? For a family of six maybe. You have alot of holes in your statement, and alot of inaccurate statements... No package driver is better off than a full time sup. Package drivers have full time specialist beat, and definitely part time management but that is it.
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    full time sups start off at 70k?thats kinda hard to believe,maybe after 3 or 4 yrs they will get that but then i dont could be right but with ups being cheaper than ever before newly promoted f/t sup might not get 50k.with the restructuring of the company and the buy outs the days of f/t sups making 80k plus or managers making 100k plus are over,now dont get me wrong i like to see everbody make money union or otherwise but thats just a fact.
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    My on car was a driver for 15 yrs before going in to mgt. He did lose money initially but is now slightly above where he would be if he was still driving. The difference is the stock. He was able to use his stock to pay most if not all of his share of his kid's college expenses and plans to use more stock to pay for his daughter's weddings when that time comes. He has also told me that the union healthcare plan is much better than the mgt one, which he has to pay for and we don't (yet).
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    A family of three costs the same as a family of 10. Give or take a couple hundred on the benefit costs and the driver is still better compensated than a sup with no pension.

    Which part of my numbers have holes in them aside from you disagreement with the bene cost?

    I was being very generous with the sup monthly salary. New sups pay is probably closer to $6000 per month, mip is likely to be less than 2.0.
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    Why did you subtract $15,600 for Pension??
  19. FracusBrown

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    Because thats the approximate cost of a drivers pension per year. Thats what a new sup gives up and thats what they would have to pay out of their check to get an equal pension. It's lost compensation.

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    WRONG!!!! You should stop.. You sound silly