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    If I notice a box is ripped, and some contents are outside. Do I stick the items back inside and tape the box, and not tell the customer...Or do I go the honest route and tell them there is a chance some of their items might be missing because of a torn box, warning them to double check everything?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. barnyard

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    Follow your training: scan the item and in the comments type: pot dam. Indicating a potential damage.
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    Stuff it back in and tape it up if you can and go on to your next stop , you really can't help the customer except just to refused the whole shipment
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    Sheet it as missed and give to clerk to check out. Drivers are no longer allowed to sheet packages as damaged and messed up boxes should never be loaded on car. Of course they are just to get everything out of the building regardless of proper procedure. If customer really needs the package or its a business that you have a good relationship deliver and note in remarks potential damage, but I wouldn't deliver a messed up residential package.
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    Depends upon the severity of the damage. If the box is slightly torn and can be repaired rather quickly I will put the contents back in, retape the box and, if the consignee is home, will let them know what happened and let them decide what to do. If the box is trashed I will sheet as "missed", type "damaged" in the remarks, bring it back to the clerk and let my loader know about it the following morning.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You didn't answer his question----do you tell the customer or do you complete the delivery without saying anything?
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    If you can make contact with the customer, then you should let them know. If they aren't home, then the remarks about possible damage should be fine.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So a note stating "sorry we trashed your package" is not necessary?
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    No, I would never leave a note like that. If the package was so damaged that I would describe it as "trashed", then it goes back to the clerk as missed (damaged).

    I delivered a partially open package to a house a while back now, and the woman wouldn't come to the door, but opened the window and told me to leave it, and I mentioned the damage to her. Had she not been home, a package would not have been waiting for her.
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    Never deliver a package that is so compromised that its contents have spilled out. Put it all in a DR bag sheet as missed and give it to PM clerk or Sup. If its just a loose flap or the bottoms giving way just tape it up and move on.
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    To add a twist to the thread how do you handle a wet box? Around times that its raining or has been raining I'll occasionally get a soaked box in my truck. I've seen LP try to make drivers pay for claims due to weather damage so when I find a wet box I will never leave it. If I get the person at home I'll show it to them and and ask what they want to do but I never leave it.
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    If you know why it got wet, and its only a little I deliver and put wet in remarks column. Any other open, unless I saw when it came open, and its only loose tape etc. I deliver and mark open in remarks column. Anything other than that is missed. No damage allowed here. and no tape in trucks.
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    Keep the interaction with people during house call deliveries to a minimum. Ring the bell and leave the package and leave unless you need a signature your wasting time.

    Tape it up and leave it. Telling them something might be missing isn't going to change the situation and is a waste of time. If something is missing the person has to contact the shipper for anything to happen anyways then the shipper will make a claim or just ship them the missing parts. If the receiver calls UPS and says the item was missing UPS is going to tell them to contact the shipper.

    IF the item in the package was damaged that you can see (ie leaking, etc) Don't deliver the package use communication in your DIAD number 4 mark NO for can you deliver and put damaged in the remarks then sheet the package as missed, Don't sheet the packages as damaged. By sheeting a package as damaged it automatically starts the process of refunding the shipper when only part of the order might have been damaged and the rest will go out tomorrow for delivery.

    Don't let a customer open a box to check to make sure everything is there to decided to either keep or refuse a package. Unless 1. Your willing to take the chance of being accused of taking something or 2. You trust the receiver and are willing to take the chance.

    The only time I let a customer open a package at a business when the package is really messed up. I don not let residential deliveries to open a package damaged or not. I tell them they can refuse or except the package and if they open it they own it.
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    Depends on if I saw the stuff come out. If a package falls off the shelf I'll retape like nothing happened. If it gets put on my truck damaged. Then I'll leave it at the center. Did it with two packages Friday.
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    If they are good looking they can open and inspect.
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    I've found out that if a box has :censored2: or flaps loose enough for stuff to fall out, then stuff can also fall in.

    We had a tracer on a package that showed physical scan on the preload, the driver remembered seeing it in his load during the day because it was an unusual rural route address, and then it seemed to vanish from the car. He drove out to the stop and could not find it anywhere.

    A week later we had a call from another customer that they had opened a box and found a package for someone else inside it! It was a small but fairly heavy box that had fallen off a shelf onto the top of a floor-loaded box with loose flaps. It must have slipped right inside and the top flap sprung right back into place. The driver taped it up and delivered it.