Morgan Freeman RIP???

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Hoaxster, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Freeman? OK, I could carry on with that.

    Morgan Fairchild? NOW my flag would be at half-staff, if ya know what I mean.
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    It was a hoax, Hoax.
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    Hmmm, I wonder. Wiki says she's 62. The most recent picture I could find is from 2007 (and she looked good).

    Wonder what she looks like today?
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    Like Morgan Freeman
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    Just went on line, said he died september 11, 2012. at the age of 75. today is september 10, 2012. you can't make this up.....
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    two & half men - YouTube
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    He is one of the top 10 actors in my limited movie viewing. I am not a big movie person.
    But I guess I have seen almost all of his movies. I think he is one of the best.
    I do not want to write a pre mature reflection. He should have had more nominations
    for oscars and won many for his acting.
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    Watch this video.
    Morgan Freeman opens and closes this video.
    It is powerful.
    I cry because I feel every word.


    Steve Azar - Waitin' On Joe - YouTube
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    Oh my God, I saw that!!! Very weird.