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    Anyone here from Pitt? Looking to move to the area sometime around Aug/Sept. I was hired as temp driver last Nov '15, worked out really well, and currently waiting on a spot to open up on preload to start my inside job. I have a family with more on the way, and we are just not looking forward to raising our kids in Richmond. We believe Pittsburgh is a much better town to raise our family, cost of living and school systems playing major roles in our decision. My wife is from the area and her entire family still lives near by.
    Looking for an insiders point of view on my chances of getting a temp driver job this fall/season. Have you had a FT driver bid sheet up since the new year? How many openings did they advertise? How many legitimate sign ups did you see? Any of the above would help when I make the next step in calling the Pitt Hub location to speak with an HR rep along with my building. My SUP and center manager would both be willing to put in a good word/phone call when needed.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Pittsburgh is depressing.
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    I do ,as for openings . I duno man. Just like any hub.. They always hire some off the street. There has been a lot of bids posted though .
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    I love Pittsburgh. Visit often. If I hadn't been taken on FT at such a young age I may have moved out there and started my career.
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    We call it "fly over country". Lol
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    Agree. It's loaded with hermaphrodite's from what I hear
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    Commonwealth. Say no more.
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    Not the whole Commonwealth. Just those westerners
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    Beaver avenue (pitpa) and Thornburg are the two building closest to downtown. Zelienople is probably about 30 miles from the city, but it's a fast growing area. They opened a new building about two years ago and it was too small the day it opened.
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